Get down on your knees and accept my primary connector

February 17, 2006 at 3:44 pm | Posted in Personal, Tech Talk | 5 Comments
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Today I worked with Masters and Slaves.

When two devices in a computer, such as a hard drive or a CD drive, share a connector cable, one is designated Master and the other is designated Slave.

Today in class a partner and I took apart two computers and moved devices around. This involved deciding which ones were going to be Masters and which ones were going to be Slaves.

Thank God I wasn’t paired with the black guy. I don’t think that I could have brought myself to cavalierly throw around the word slave in front of him.

Unless he was into that.



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  1. You aren’t the first person to have issues with that designation.

  2. Yeah, I always giggle inside when I am swapping out a drive. 🙂

  3. personally I just go ahead with the work. If someone flips out I say – it’s techspeak, nothing personal – got it? good.

    mind you, most tech speak has it’s roots in something silly…

    *hmmm* this is actually one of the few fields where I -could- come up with a good story that might get a laugh. Normally I’m pretty incompetent at that kind of thing.

  4. I dare you to.

  5. I think I once cracked a joke about a slave revolt causing a system crash (and complete loss of data) when a system was miswired…. but that was around folks who WERE making that connection.

    but mostly it just doesn’t occur for me to think of those terms IN that context as anything outside of that context.

    I totally wouldn’t be surprised if the master/slave paradigm originates from BDSM… after all it requires consent for the system to operate *grin*.

    but… what are you daring me to do? I haven’t done computer tech outside of a business environment in years… and noone in a business setting asks me the technical side of what I’m doing. Mostly they just want to know if I can get it to work.

    and in a tech environment … just how easy is it to get a peer-to-peer distributed database going versus a master/slave *cough* server/client environment? *grin*

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