I Have Found It!

February 27, 2006 at 1:13 pm | Posted in Personal | 5 Comments

My boss called me about an hour ago. She’s sick and won’t be coming in today. She asked me to lead the weekly meeting. She gave me pretty specific instructions on what to do and what to talk about.

We’re going to be talking about Eureka moments – where you are struggling and struggling and struggling to understand something and then suddenly the light goes off. What are the conditions surrounding Eureka moment? Can these moments be stimulated?

If I had more time, I would try to arrange for this meeting to be in a large bathtub, since the original Eureka moment happened in a bathtub, but there isn’t time, and there’s probably some school policy against holding training meetings in bathtubs.




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  1. Screw school policy!

    This is right up my alley as what I do as a coach is facilitate eureka moments. Yes, they can be done anytime and there are techniques to access it. A bathtub is a good example because it is the type of situation when your concious mind is set on the back burner and it allows us time to explore the power of deeper system thinking.

    So, bring on the tub! (Or create a mental one in your mind’s eye).

  2. Re: Screw school policy!

    I’ll tell my boss that professional life coaches advocate meeting in bathtubs.

    I’ve been trying to get a hot tub in this office forever.

  3. Hot Tub

    Just think how many more students would actually show up if the Learning Centre had hot tubs. I’d be there in a nanosecond.

  4. Agreed! I have all my best ideas in the shower. Unfortunately computers don’t do well in taht environment.

  5. Eureka moments are my life 🙂
    and how I design stuff programming…

    I think the key to a Eureka moment is to distract in exactly the right way. A bath for instance will do it.

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