A semi-rant

March 9, 2006 at 6:59 pm | Posted in Rants | 11 Comments

Something persephone_qd wrote in her journal reminded me of something that has happened to me many times, although not lately.

Me: I’m attracted to you. Would you like to go on a date with me?

She: Oh, um, I, um, oh….

Me: I’m not made of glass. A rejection is not going to shatter me.

She: OK. I don’t want to go on a date with you, but we can be really really good friends.

Me: meh … I’m not really interested in being your friend.


But on the other hand, there have been plenty of women said no and then just let it die like they should.

Oh, and one does occasionally say yes.



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  1. This is why I never ask girls on dates.

  2. At least you get a clear rejection. Girls will give me a yes, and then never get back to me. Or they’ll say yes but act so waffly I’m too confused to make a move. For once, it’d be nice if one would say no so I could move on and stop putting out the effort. I’d love a clear-cut rejection instead of all the beating-around-the-bush, as sexy as that sounds.

  3. But that’s what girls do, unfortunately. It’s that indirect communication thing. *sigh*
    I’m with you, I’d rather know up front. Like , it’s hard to be a chick who thinks like a guy about other chicks.

  4. hmm, so what do your two loves have in common? Could it be that we are both *very blunt* and have no problem telling people what is on our respective minds? 😉

    (much love and snuggles and froggy sounding kisses)


  5. gack, sorry scratchdaddy, I thought I was writing to eep! now I’m all embarrassed. 😦

  6. Can I have a frog kiss anyways?

  7. Sure, but you have to hurry, because as soon as my cold is over and my throat is back to normal, I’m back to dispensing regular kisses. 😉

  8. I get the same thing from both genders. Girls don’t have the monopoly on bing wafty about these things.

  9. Too right!

    There are people out there who just plain want you to lust after them even after they’ve decided you are not their flavor. It’s an ego thang.

  10. Hey, I’m direct!

  11. It’s easy to be direct when we have conflicting sexual orientations, eh? ‘It’s not you, it’s just that I don’t do women.’ If you were bi I’m sure you’d be all over me.

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