Whatchu Tarkin About Willis?

March 12, 2006 at 5:51 pm | Posted in Personal | 1 Comment

Last night I went to a party at bioentropy‘s place. The party was for bioentropy‘s teenage daugter. bioentropy‘s favorite local celtic/folk band, Tarkin, was also there. bioentropy likes and supports Tarkin so much that he built a stage for them in his living room with the name “Tarkin” on it. They’re quite good. I don’t know if they have a website, but if they do, I bet bioentropy will post it in the comments.

During their show, they had a potato-imitation contest. I placed second out of the three contestants.

Even though there were approximately a hundred guests, age 17-21, who seemed to live for the opportunity to get drunk and yell “slut” at each other, in the apartment, none of them came into the living room. They left the living room free for the band and the six people in the apartment over the age of moron.

Now one way to look at this situation is that the kids didn’t like the music, so they stayed away, but I don’t think that’s it. I think what really happened was that the the members of the band used the Force, ala Star Wars, to construct an invisible barrier around the living room through which no person whom is into gansta rap could pass.

I believe that the Force is strong with Tarkin. I believe this for reasons three:

1. There is a character named Tarkin in Star Wars.
2. The band all dressed as Star Wars characters at bioentropy‘s halloween party.
3. The force field thing I just mentioned try to keep up.

So, if you are a business owner whom has problems with loitering teenagers, consider buying a Tarkin CD to ward them off. And if you are ever at a Tarkin show, don’t heckle them, or else the members of the band may use their collective Force to destabalize your molecular structure and scatter your atoms to the four corners of the universe.

And, you know, that would probably hurt.


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  1. Tarkin is a wonderful band!
    and full of nice people too.

    May the Force be with you!

    I’d love to get a Tarkin CD 🙂

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