C is for Commitmentphobia

March 13, 2006 at 10:56 pm | Posted in Personal | 13 Comments

When Sabrina and I met, we were capital C Commitment-phobes.

Now we have decided to live together. The scary thing is that we’re not really scared. There are still tiny moments of “eep!”

So, why are we telling you? Well, when we told one friend he said “I wish I had known that a month ago. You could have lived in my building. There was an apartment that was perfect for you”.

That’s the kind of networking that we’re hoping to cash in on.

We have a list of attributes that would constitute an ideal living space for us. We’d like to tell them to you, and if you happen to come across any information about a space that fits some of them, we’d appreciate it if you could pass it on.

We know that this is pretty idealistic, but our ideal living space would be:

A 2 bedroom apartment, although 1 bedroom + den, or even 1 bedroom + nook would do as well
$1,000 with utilities included, $800 without utilities included
In Commercial Drive area or close to a Skytrain station
Preferably access to a washer/dryer or nearby laundromat
Reasonably safe neighbourhood
Preferably carpeted
Large enough to host Rope’n’Grope
And – we know that this is going to be the really tricky one – noise tolerant. That is, tolerant of Sabrina screaming her head off during sex and various yelps and squeals during R’n’G.

Sabrina says ground level; I say top level, provided that we don’t have to climb three sets of stairs to get to it. What I fantasize about is an apartment over a store. That way, no downstairs neighbours at night.

Some of these attributes are preferences. We’ve decided that we’re not in a hurry to move; we’re willing to hold out for something good, preferably in the Commercial Drive area.

We appreciate that you’ve all got busy lives. Hell, it seems like half the people we know are moving themselves.

But if you happen to come across something, please just keep in mind that we’re looking.

Thank you.



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  1. http://vancouver.craigslist.org/apa/141718441.html looks amazing to me!

  2. I’ll keep an ear out… ya never know.
    I know there’s places around here but it’s downtown apartmantville… oddly enough, English Bay is within your price range – just not geographically handy.

  3. Wow! It does look amazing, and they listed it just today. I’m going to give them a call tommorrow morning.


  4. English Bay would be fine. I’d like to live downtown. The problem, as I see it, would most likely be the noise factor.

    But who knows. Maybe in a concrete building it would be OK.

  5. I’m in a concrete building and outside of when one of the neighbours puts on thumpin’ loud music (I can feel the dull thumping) or an upstairs or downstairs neighbour has sex in their bathroom (what an odd thing to hear late at night… but pipes and water carry sound) – it’s pretty quiet here.

    A concrete bulding like the one I’m in should be fine.
    (it’s got a 1br available. They’re not the biggest apartments in the world though… but so far I like it here)

  6. Woo! Congratulations to both of you. It’s a big step, but a good one, I think.

  7. Congratulations!

    I’m down in Strathcona; I’ll keep my eyes open for something, though ED gets first option on anything I find if she decides to move. 🙂

  8. Right now we have three of us living in a two bedroom and we are looking to upgrade, then our place would be free. So far the building has had no problems with my nightly “noises” but they do ask that you keep things like radios quiet after 10pm. If you want to know more let me know

  9. I went to see, fell in love, decided I wanted it, but before Sabrina could go see it, somebody else nabbed it.

    It was only on the market for 6 hours!

  10. Oh no!!! You guys might want to set up a plan for one or the other having picking rights if you “know” it’s the right one. Good luck and I’ll keep my eyes open for something special.

  11. I would like to know more:

    Where is it?
    What kind of building do you live in? Apartment building? House?
    What level do you live on? If it’s an apartment building, is there an elevator?
    Is there a washer/dryer? What appliances are there?
    What is the rent? What, if anything, is included in utilities?
    How quiet does the radio have to be? Are people going to complain if I walk around and watch television at 4:00am, because I frequently do that.
    How much notice are you planning to give? Have you set a date for moving out?

    I hope you don’t mind answering my many questions. Could you please send them to me in an email: ScratchDaddy@hotmail.com


  12. Thanks. I’m looking for 2 or 1 and 1/2 bedroom. ED is looking for something larger, so theoretically there shouldn’t be any conflicts.

  13. mmm… spanks…. I mean

    1st & commercial
    house type thing
    yes $1 wash/ $1 dry
    $750 includes heat,hydro
    I also watch tv at 4 am, but quietly
    ? no date set yet


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