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May 3, 2006 at 2:16 pm | Posted in Personal | 4 Comments

I’m back at school. It’s good to be back. To remind you, I’m only taking one course during the summer semester – Biology 1110: The Biosphere.

Today’s class included a tour of the biology lab. It’s full of critters! There’s a turtle, a frog, a gecko, several sea thingies, fishies, and a bunny.

I petted the bunny and we bonded. I’ll be very upset if I find out that it’s for dissecting.

According to the course schedule, I will be dissecting a fetal pig in July. Yay.

Expect to see bigger biceps on me by the end of summer. The textbook is HUGE.



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  1. I applied to Douglas College on Friday for the fall semester. I just have to go down there and make sure my application went through (I did it online and paid with my Visa, but I couldn’t print out the signature form).

  2. DC seems to be pretty good at holding onto applications and actually putting people in classes that they’ve paid for, but it’s always a good idea to come down and talk to a hu-man.

    What you’ve got to watch out for though is the prerequisite thing. If you register for a course without having a prereq or a waiver in the system, the system will tell you that you’re registered in the class, but then that night when it checks all of the applications, it will find that you don’t have the prereq and deregister you without notice.

    Oh, and there’s a $100 charge for adding or dropping courses after the registration period ends, so you have to be really sure of what courses you want to take and can commit to before you register.

  3. I haven’t registered for classes yet, just applied, but thanks, I will make sure I have the prerequisites (I’m pretty sure I do). And I am positive about the classes I want to take-I’ve even chosen them out. But I want to go down and talk to someone to make sure everything is OK.

  4. not for dissecting!
    i took the biology 1210 there…it’s for feeding! <3 and petting! i don't know...but it's cute.

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