It’s not your gas, so just call the cops

May 10, 2006 at 11:15 am | Posted in Rants | 13 Comments

I’ve been seeing a lot on the news the past couple of days about the gas station attendant who was hit by a minivan.

In case you aren’t familiar:
– It’s Surrey, late at night.
– some jerk in a minivan starts to leave a gas station without paying.
– The attendant runs after the van with a golf club.
– The driver hits the attendant.
– The attendant suffers serious but non-life-threatening injuries.
– This is the second lone-attendant-gas-and-dash-injury in recent months.
– There is public outcry to not allow attendants to work alone late at night.

I feel bad for the attendant, but since no one else seems to be saying it, I guess I’ll say it:

Running after a minivan with a golf club is a damn stupid thing to do!

It’s not you gas nor your money and you’re not Chuck Norris, so just phone the honkin’ cops Gomer.



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  1. How is chasing the van going to get the thief to pay? Hit his van with a golf club, and he’s going to come out, apologize, and pay? No, he’d probably beat the shit out of you or run you over! Your life is not worth minimum wage!

  2. Well, keep in mind that some gas station owners will take the stolen gas out of the guy’s paycheck, which is why (I assume) he chases.

  3. It’s stupid in a lot of levels.
    it also happened around 9pm.

  4. That is just wrong. I do feel badly for the employees though.

  5. It’s also not legal.

  6. Do gas station owners really take it out of the employees’ wages? How can they expect the employee to prevent gas theft?

  7. I don’t think they much care about the specifics. When you have power over someone, you can delegate responsibility to them whether it’s logical or not.

    I’ve heard Esso employees tend to have it taken out of their hides, whereas Petro-Can, Shell and Chevron employees don’t — according to radio-announced surveys.

  8. I remember when some guy died because he chased after a car that was pulling a fill-and-run. He died over $12 of gas and again the public outcry was over the wrong thing. No one asked why he felt obligated to run out after a $12 fill. Its kind of like restaurants who make servers pay the bill of anyone who dine-and-dashes. No wonder our customer service people are so disgruntled!…

  9. also illegal, but $8/h employees generally don’t know their rights. Honestly, I think the labour act should be required reading before you can get a job…

  10. “I’ll save you, gas!”
    *shakes head*
    I don’t always mind vigilante-type behaviour, but let’s make it about the right things. Gas, no. People voting Conservative, yes.

  11. More like, “Shit, that’s $50 I can’t afford taken out of my paycheque!”

  12. When did this change? When I was younger the rule when working at the gas station was let them take the gas, it isn’t worth you getting injured or killed.

  13. That happened in Maple Ridge, very close to where my dad lives.

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