We’re Staying on the Drive!

May 14, 2006 at 12:10 pm | Posted in Personal | 16 Comments
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Yeah, so you know that post I made yesterday about finding a pretty good place on Broadway? Well forget it.

An hour ago, whimsicalzephyr and I found an apartment the we love at the corner of Commercial and First. The dude posted to Craigslist late last night. whimsicalzephyr was the first to contact him, and we swooped in and took it. I feel bad for everyone else that will now hear “Sorry, it’s been taken. Yes, already”, but not too bad. whimsicalzephyr have been in that position for two months now.

I feel a little bad in regards to the apartment that we applied for yesterday. We didn’t sign anything, but we did tell the landlord that we wanted it, and now we’re backing out. But not too bad. I know that he has other people interested. He showed it to someone else as soon as we left.

So, this place is on the third/top floor of a building on the corner of Commercial and First. It’s above a small restaurant called The Red Burrito. It has high ceilings and lots and lots and lots of windows. It’s a nice beige/yellowish colour. That may not sound great, but it really works for the space. It has a cute little gas stove and a clawfoot bathtub. It doesn’t just have a deck; it has access to the entire roof of the building next door. So be sure to come on by for a rooftop picnic sometime.

There are two produce stores and a Supervalu and no schools within a half block radius.

There are some problems. It’s up three flights of stairs. That’s not great for whimsicalzephyr, but they’re carpeted stairs inside. Getting in and out of the bathtub may pose some problems for whimsicalzephyr. There’s no washer/dryer, but there are laundromats closeby, I think. There’s no closet in the bedroom. And I’m still a little concerned about traffic noise, but I’m willing to gamble.

It’s not exactly two bedroom. It’s more like one bedroom and a den, and you have to go through the den to get to the bedroom. So that’s going to require some thought. But the living room is large and well lit, and there’s a nice flow from bedroom to den to living room to kitchen.

Here’s a kinda big problem. There isn’t any doorbell at the street entrance. So when people arrive for rope’n’grope, they might have some trouble letting us know that they’re there if they don’t have a cell phone. We can’t leave the street door open. Oh, and every time someone arrives, I’m going to have to run down three flights of stairs to let them in. Well, I’ve been wanting to lose weight anyways. Perhaps other r’n’gers will offer to run down for me sometimes.

Now comes the anxiety. We’ll be taking over the lease of the current tenent. He’s got things mostly settled with an apartment downtown. He’s really sure the his landlord will be cool with everything, but we haven’t met her yet. It just seems like there’s a lot of steps where something could go wrong. I’m probably going to feel anxious about it until we’re actually in there.

And the last bit of good news. It’s large enough for a house warming party. Just don’t get drunk and fall of the roof, because then I would have to run down three flights of stairs to clean that up.



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  1. *squee!*
    CONGRATS, to both of you!! This is really exciting!

  2. You seem kind of iffy about the place, but congratulations on finding one.

  3. Well, considering you were “settling” for the other place, this sounds like a much nicer place to “settle” for, despite the stairs. Congratulations!

  4. congrats! it’s so nice to have a home! I hope that you can figure out all the challenges around it!

  5. sweet. my fingers are crossed that nothing goes wrong.

  6. We really like the place, but stairs and traffic is a concern. Otherwise it’s fabulous.

  7. Yay for finding a place!

  8. Honey, you forgot to mention that the floors are really hard and firm, and the noise transfer between floors is minimal. I suspect it’s a cement building, myself.

  9. I’m glad you guys found a place. I have lived on First Ave., and now I live right on Hastings, and the traffic can be annoying, but I have found that I have gotten used to it, and so it only seeps in occasionally. I love the building you are talking about, and that Red Burrito place makes really good soft tacos. Be careful of being on the roof, I have been kicked off a few of them by irate store owners. Perhaps on R&G nights you can lower a rope attached to a string, with a bell on the other end so that people can ring when they arrive.

  10. you can lower a rope attached to a string, with a bell on the other end so that people can ring when they arrive.

    Ha! That’s exactly what Colin suggested.

    We’ll maybe only go on the rooftop at night.

    *crossing fingers*

  11. w00t!!!

  12. Wow,we will be so close we will be tripping over eachother! The traffic from first isn’t bad. My room is at ground level and it doesn’t bother me. Being above the restaurant you probably won’t even notice.(save for the occasional siren)

  13. Congratulations and hope things go well!

  14. Well, there is a fire escape that leads down to the street. I actually could rig up some kind of bell, but then every other jackass on the street would ring it.

  15. Sabrina keeps talking about all of the things that we could put out on the roof, like a table and chairs. I have to keep reminding her that the roof belongs to someone else.

  16. Dropping from the sky (or friendsfriendslist, whatever) to say that I love Red Burrito. It is a very good place. And congratulations on finding a new apartment, hopefully.

    The end!

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