One Sabrini, Two Sabrini, Three Sabrini, Four

July 3, 2006 at 12:48 pm | Posted in Personal | 7 Comments
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I don’t know what’s more trashed, the apartment or me.

Last night whimsicalzephyr and I had our house warming party. About 20 people attended over the course of the evening. We may post some pictures from the party. We have to ask people permission first.

You know, when Mr. Kitty is drunk, Mr. Kitty is quite charming and funny. At least that’s how it appeared from my vantage point. I did have a bit of an Airplane-esque drinking problem though in that several times my drink ended up somewhere other than in my mouth, such as on my shirt. It’s not my fault though. It’s the impractical design of the martini glass. I think that the martini glass was designed by vermouth manufacturers to increase the amount of their product required to get drunk.

I actually wasn’t drinking martinis. I was drinking Sabrinis – a term coined by aleajacta. It’s like a martini, but with an Okanogan cherry instead of a marishino, and some gingerale and lemon added as well. I tell ya, the first one has a bit of kick to it, but the the eighth one goes down really smooth.

Early on, the talk was about relationships and people’s decisions to get married or move in together. I embarrased whimsicalzephyr a bit by telling everyone about our wuv and happiness. I also told everyone that when I first suggested to her a year ago that we live together, she literally ran away screaming. She’s so cute.

Somebody had a game of Scruples. We didn’t actually play the game. We just read the cards and laughed about how few questions applied to us. There was a telescope and we looked at the moon and Jupiter. Several of the girls blew bubbles off of the roof onto the street below. whimsicalzephyr had her standard hair pulling match with her regular opponent, and of course several scenes broke out. *gasp*

So thank you to everyone who came out, and we missed everyone who wasn’t able to make it. If you are coming to R’n’G tonight, there are some leftover Jello-shots.

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  1. One Sabrini, Two Sabrini, Three Sabrini…


    Perhaps you need a retitling of the entry. 😉

  2. Re: One Sabrini, Two Sabrini, Three Sabrini…

    I wanted to fall down and hit the floor, really I did.

    The floor was lookin’ at me funny. That’s why I decided to hit it.

  3. Sorry I missed it! Alas, sick pets take precedence over fun. 😦

  4. I thought that Sabrini was the plural form of Sabrina. 🙂

    Sorry Persephone_qd and I couldn’t make it. We were too busy with, um, other thngs. Happy housewarming.

  5. I’m sorry to hear about your sick pet 😦

  6. Re: One Sabrini, Two Sabrini, Three Sabrini…

    5 Sabrina, 6 Sabrina, 7 Sabrina….*splat* Son of a whore!

  7. hehe. You could have always done both. 🙂

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