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July 7, 2006 at 11:49 am | Posted in Personal | 6 Comments

There is a pigeon sitting outside my window. He/She is staring at my muffin.



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  1. Does it disturb your muffin?

  2. Aw, give the birdie the muffin. Or money to go get its own.

  3. Shouldn’t you be trying to catch the birdie?

  4. Are you bored? Is that why you are having a staring contest with your muffin and a pigeon?

  5. You need to cackle insanely and violently attack your muffin, possibly in a sexual manner, so as to render it no longer attractive to the pigeon. Take a moment every now and again to stick your tongue out at the pigeon and make “devil” signs so it understands just how little you care about its pathetic opinion.

  6. Can’t you tell the girl pigeons from the boy pigeons? 🙂

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