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September 3, 2006 at 3:23 pm | Posted in Rants | 11 Comments

Someone gave me the answer that I was looking for to my last post. I’ll admit it – I can be a bit of a troll sometimes.

Me asked: Why is there so much angry pornography out there.

persephone_qd says: Because it sells plus [some psychology]

Me say: I totally agree get the psychology offered by persephone_qd and others, but I don’t buy the ‘it’s what the consumer wants’ angle. I suspect that there is a pretty small group of pornography producers who are responsible for producing most of the porn out there and that they personally are into the poorly produced angry porn and that’s why there is so much of it.

I blame society (‘blame’ because I feel that this is a bad situation). If pornography was an industry where producers could get reliable consumer feedback, I’m sure that the product would more often be what the consumer actually wants instead of what they are willing to settle for with the sound turned off.



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  1. I don’t watch porn, so I’m not really aware of the different kinds (from what little porn I have seen, it’s all girls, no guys), but what exactly do you mean by “angry pornography”?

  2. Luckily there is also a new wave of porn that is being released simutaniously that is being made by women that is actually really good. It takes some legwork to find but is really worth it!

  3. Halalujah!

  4. you know, I’ve seen a bit of this, and the biggest problem I have with it?

    I don’t find it even remotely erotic. It just feels… sanitized. alas, my preferences are … a little less politically correct than any of the for-women-by-women porn I’ve seen.

    On the other hand, gay porn? Gay porn is where it’s at. Ah, if only I were a gay man… on the upside, not being a gay man means that gay porn never gets tired. 🙂

  5. Hey there,

    you wrote:
    I don’t buy the ‘it’s what the consumer wants’ angle. I suspect that there is a pretty small group of pornography producers who are responsible for producing most of the porn out there and that they personally are into the poorly produced angry porn and that’s why there is so much of it.

    This the the equivilent of the ‘Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone’ theory– we have some core belief about the goodness of human beings that is violated when we have to contemplate a large number of fucked up or evil human beings, so we prefer to believe that there’s only one (or in the case of distateful porn, at most, a mere handful), and they are just really cunning and powerful.

    I think porn producers get all the consumer feedback they want in terms of disc sales or site memberships. If it seels, they keep on making it. Most likely you are not their target market, anymore than is Candida Royalle’s target market. Which means you will probably never “get” what other ppl see in the kind of porn you’ve described. Some things are just unfathomable.

  6. Bad movies, porn, books, and music all get produced because it’s a free market. And the way it works is like this:

    1) Produce media.
    2a) If it sells enough to make money, make the same thing again.
    2b) If it doesn’t sell, think of something else.
    3) Profit!

    There is no direct line from the public to the producers of the media to direct what gets made before it gets made. Part of the reason for that is that until a producer is successful, noone knows who he is or where to contact him.

    Part of the problem with porn is that it’s so cheaply produced, that it only takes a small market to make a profit. And the other part of the problem with porn is that it has such a small market, that it can *only* be produced cheaply.

  7. Consider this: they make a website featuring angry porn, 200,000 people subscribe, so they figure that they’ve given the people what they want.

    Meanwhile if they had produced something other than angry porn, their subscription numbers might have been a lot higher, but they don’t because they prefer to produce angry porn.

    This is not a Lee Harvey Oswald theory. This is more like an ‘oligopoly delivering substandard product/service because it’s so much easier’ situation.

    thanks for arguing 🙂

  8. *le sigh*

    I agree with you. Normally I’m OK with it all, but every once in a while I see an inexpensively produced piece of pornography that involves a tiny bit of creativity. When I see things like that I get a bit meloncholy, because it’s so rare.

  9. I’m going to preface this by saying that I’m not 100% sure what you mean by “angry porn”, so this may be totally off-base…

    …but do you think the porn producers haven’t thought of this? Is it not possible that “angry porn” really is what sells better, and that the not-so-angry porn sites just don’t make as much money, and so they get dropped in exchange for the stuff that DOES?

    The whole free market concept doesn’t always work as far as getting the “best product” (see: Microsoft, VHS vs Betamax, etc…) but I have the sneaking suspicion that the reason we have so much porn of a certain type is because that IS what sells the best. There’s no monopoly on porn, no standard that says “This is what everyone has to do.” People buy porn, or subscribe to a site, based on whether or not it tweaks their preferences, not because “well, that’s all I can get, soo…”

    Either that, or non-angry porn costs too much to produce, but I really can’t see that being the case… unless the budget was blown by requiring satin sheets vs. the kitchen table. Or, the people who make the angry porn are all misogynistic assholes who wouldn’t know “sexy” from a hole in the wall. (heh heh, hole in the wall.)

  10. so how do you explain the fact that non-angry alternatives in porn– the product of initiatives spearheaded over the past 30 years– have made litt/no headway in capturing the “dissatisfied but has no alternative” angry porn consumer? A person might argue that the first 20 years of such initiatives didn’t count insofar as indy folks didn’t have access to distribution networks etc. that larger scale porn producers had at that time . . . but since that question has been rendered moot by our friend the Interweb, why has not the demand you beleive is out there for non-angry porn shifted the demographic somewhat?

    if it were true that porn consumers would prefer other themes etc., then why does angry porn still proilferate (perhaps even predominate) on the internet?

  11. I know what you mean– about a month ago I watched a feature film length porn film called The Opening of Misty Beethoven that was shot on 35 mm during the so-called 70’s porn golden age, and parts of the film were actually pretty good. There was a scene involving a man boarding an airplane, and being asked lots of questions by the airline staff that was quite funny. Even tho’ the sex wasn’t that hot, they were clearly tryign to do something artistic and creative, and had half way succeeded.

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