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September 22, 2006 at 11:46 am | Posted in Personal | 6 Comments

Do you have a name tag?

If you have a name tag and you’re going somewhere like a bank or a registrar’s office to ask for some kind of help, and you think that the person you are meeting with might not want to help you because of company policy, you should always wear your name tag.

If they mention it or say your name before you introduce yourself, you can say “Oh, I still have my nametag on, how embarrassing”.

My reasoning is that people are often willing to bend the rules a little bit or go the extra metre for people that they know, even if they don’t know the person very well. Wearing a name tag can give a person the sense that they know you, or at least that they know you better than the dozens of strangers they see in their job everyday.

If you don’t have a name tag, you might consider wearing one of those Hi, My Name Is stickers. You can claim that you just came from speed dating.

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  1. What are you on?

  2. depending on what field you’re in – this could actually be of benefit. It also depends somewhat on one’s own personality I suppose.

    I’m not a nametag kind of person myself.

  3. Try it if you ever need a loan approved.

  4. the only nametag I still have says “donnamatrix”.

    think that will help? 🙂

  5. You know why that helps with respect to customer service types? I get a lot of calls like this:

    “Thanks for cal…”

    “I have this problem with blahblahblahblah blahblah blahhhblahblahblah and it blahblah blahblahblahblah”

    “Oh, okay. I’ll need to look up your account. What’s your name?”


    This only happens with people who have exceptionally common names. If his name was Andei Tupelov, he would spell it instead. First name and last.

    The nice people do this instead:

    “Thank you for calling Lightspeed.”

    “Hi, my name is Bill Turner, and I have a problem with my internet.”

    “Oh, hi Bill! How are you today?” As I look up his name in our database, so that I can help him out as quickly as possible, instead of listening to him blabber on for 3 minutes while I do nothing.

  6. Or, and I really really really hate these people, the ones that call up and are so paranoid that they will not give you any information whatsoever to help you pull up their account. Yet, and I don’t get this, they still expect you to help them by some miracle or know exactly who they are and their dog’s name to boot. Like what the hell?

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