Commanding me to have an emotion isn’t going to work

October 19, 2006 at 2:52 pm | Posted in Rants | 18 Comments

You know why Vancouver is better than Toronto?

Well, hundreds of reasons actually.

But the one that I’m thinking about right now is that if you are sitting around with a neutral expression on your face it’s rare that somebody says:

  • Smile!
  • looks like somebody’s got a case of the Mondays
  • Careful, your face might crack

or some stupid shit like that.

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  1. really?

    I find that happens way more often here then in Toronto, infact I would list that near the top of the reaosns why I think Toronto is better then Vancouver.
    I also have a list of reasons why Vancouver is better then Toronto.
    they jsut such comepltely differnt cities it realy isn’t fair to compare them


  3. I’ll bet you dollars to donuts that Newfoundland is the worst offender, especially small-town NF.

  4. Hard to comment on that! I love both cities and call each of them home. Each are extremely different and unique. I never had anyone tell me those reasons for a neutral expression but Im usually happy. Toronto is a great city for its own reasons, as well as Vancouver

  5. A curse on you and your little rats too!

  6. Would you consider changing your icon? It would make checking my friends page at work less risky.

  7. I hate it when people say stupid things like that. I will feel (or not feel) whatever I want! Oh, and another thing to file in the “stupid things that people say” folder: “Aren’t you cold? You should put on your jacket.” So, you know what my internal thermostat is, huh?

  8. Totally OT, but I saw Douglas College on the news today. I hope none of that trouble is affecting you.

  9. As I understand it, for the past few years the accounting department of the Douglas College Student Union has been run by a bunch of stupids.

  10. I tend to get the “aren’t you hot?” comment, as I always wear long-sleeves.

  11. I like the big city and do like Toronto. I lived in Ontario for four years, and I actually found the people there friendlier than they are out here. However, the winters and summers were way too extreme for me, and I missed the mountains and greenery. For me, Vancouver definitely wins in the climate and geography category.

  12. I command you to be contemplative!

  13. Actually, the entire DSU has been run by a bunch of stupids for, oh, about since was there.

  14. I agree completely. Been there, done that; been here, done the other.

  15. hey luv,

    maybe this is a gender thing, but ppl (mostly men) say shite like that to me all the time. I dunno if they are just looking for a way to start a conversation with me, or if they are (for some unfathomable reason)genuinely negatively affected by me scowling or looking grim or utterly blase or whatever the hell my face does while I’m thinking. But remarks like this are one of the reasons that I try to wear headphones when I am in public alone . . . even if I’m not actually listening to music.

    Vancouver is superior to TO in many ways, but I dunno this is one of htem. On the other hand, maybe I’d get it even *more* in TO, I dunno.


    p.s. did you still want to ask me a q about the job I just quit? Know that I am persona non grata there right now for quitting without notice, so if there’s something you need and you were hoping I could pull some strings . . . nope. However, if it is something I can be of service in, I’m alwasy happy to help.



  16. uummmmmm, yes, I would still like to ask your advice about something related to the make-money-from-sex industry.

    I’m going to try to phone you this weekend.

  17. ok, sounds good to me darlin’. Hey, btw, if Sabrina is looking for work, liekly Vera is gona post the job on Craig’s List. She should not mention my name, tho’, as that would not help her.



  18. i always get told to smile. though mostly by people i know. it pisses me the fuck off.

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