The Strange Things that I Notice

November 10, 2006 at 9:59 am | Posted in interesting (to moose), Personal | 17 Comments

When there is a male character on television or in a movie who is wearing a shirt with a number on it, the number sometimes reflects the character’s personality.

Single digit numbers are the most telling. Single digit numbers are usually worn by teenagers. The shirts are usually not sport jerseys. They’re usually fairly generic shirts with no words, just a big number.

7 nice guy, fairly mature, responsible, and sensitive. The main romantic male lead from most teen romantic comedies. The shirt colour is often green.

8 more jockish, not as mature or intelligent, but still one of the good guys. Think ‘Moose’ from the Archie comics. The shirt colour is often orange.

1 total ass, immature, a player, but there is a small kernel of sensitivity that could be nurtured. Think ‘Stifler’ from the American Pie movies. The colour is ‘look at me’ red.

4 the nerdy guy who manages to become friends with 7, 8, and 1, probably because he’s bringing up the frat GPA or has a rich father. Shirt colour is blue.

0 loser. Black number on white shirt.

2, 5, 9 background extras. They’ll be some 10-19 numbers mixed in a well. Lot of whites and yellows. The occasional blue.

6 I don’t think I’ve ever seen a 6 on screen. 6 is probably too sexually suggestive.

Double digit numbers above 20 are for older protagonists like Adam Sandler. 45 is a popular number. Sidekicks often have round looking numbers like 88 or 68. Antagonists don’t usually wear numbers, but if they do, they wear straight line jarring numbers like 77 or maybe 11. If a woman wears a sports jersey, it has to be a round looking number and she isn’t allowed to wear pants.

These shirts are jerseys. New York City teams are popular. Some teams, such as the Boston Red Sox, are strictly avoided unless the movie is specifically about the team or it’s fans.

Thoughts? Disagreements? Donations?

EDIT: I forgot the number 3. 3=closet gay.

EDIT Squared: For guys, 3=closet gay; for girls 3=delightfully unusual.

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  1. what!?

  2. maybe you should read more books… πŸ˜›

    Not anything that I have noticed, but now I will have to look out for that. When I see the number 69, I think, “Lame! Grow up!”

  3. If a woman wears a sports jersey, it has to be a round looking number and she isn’t allowed to wear pants.


  4. It’s true, every word of it.

  5. Re: maybe you should read more books… πŸ˜›

    I still remember my student number at McGill: 691369

  6. I just put on a sweater that I haven’t worn for years, and it has a small number on the arm, so I thought of this post. It’s the number 3, so I guess it goes with your theory about women wearing round numbers. But I am wearing pants.

  7. That’s against the rules. Take them off!

    Seriously, 3 is a good number for you, except that you’re not a teenager.

  8. Hey, you made that edit after I left my comment!

  9. I edited the edit.

  10. πŸ˜›

    If I were gay, then that would mean that I wouldn’t want to have sex with guys. But it would make Sabrina happy!

  11. Well I hope that you would at least let me watch.

    So what would you want to get out of Club Eden, if you went?

  12. Sex with a hot guy or two!

  13. Woo Hoo!!

  14. Re: maybe you should read more books… πŸ˜›

    Very girly, but with an masculine 1 stuck right up in the middle.

  15. I should tell you about some of my swinger experiences. I wouldn’t want you going to Club Eden with false expectations, if you go that is.

  16. Re: maybe you should read more books… πŸ˜›

    And I just thought it was sexually suggestive.

  17. Yeah, we should talk. But I already know what’s going to happen: if I get any sexual offers at all, they will be from women, or, if I do get an offer from a guy who I am interested in, his meddling wife/female partner will insist on being there. And so I will be doomed to celibacy and monogamy.

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