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March 9, 2007 at 9:55 pm | Posted in Personal | 16 Comments

The questionnaire contained the usual laundry list of questions that demonstrated the heterosexual bias of our society.

What is a laundry list anyways?

I know that it’s a long list of something, but what does “laundry” have to do with anything?

I’ve done my laundry for most of my life and it’s never included using a list.



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  1. You’ve been to R’n’G ?

    Was I in a coma that night?

    Yes, please bring them over. The more women in rope the better.

  2. Yes, just once. I came with my boyfriend of the time. (We broke up a few months ago.) I called up and was all, “I’m a friend of Jasmine’s! Let me in!”

  3. Perhaps it is a list that resembles laundry on a line?

  4. You don’t remember?!

  5. Hey cooan, when were you planning on going? I haven’t been going due to….um…health reasons (that’s what I am calling it, and really, it is a health issue!), but was thinking of maybe going this monday (march 19).

  6. I was too distracted by your beauty Jasmine XOXOXO

  7. 😛

  8. I’ve got something that you can do with that tongue young lady.

  9. That’s the problem you’re doing your own laundry. But if you send your laundry out (I was horrified to discover my stepmother does just that – how bourgeois of her), they give it back to you with a long list of every imaginable item of clothing, and tick off the ones that you sent/they are returning to you.

    Now to imagine what the laundry list would look like for your place 😉

  10. Remember, I bite too!

  11. Ok, I’m in for March 19 🙂 I’ll talk to my girlfriends and see if I can get them in too!

  12. Um, by March 19th, I meant tomorrow, which is March 12th. I probably can’t go on March 19th due to things I have to do that day, and a huge ass test at 8:30am the next morning. Oops.

  13. oops, Jasmine meant to say March 12th. If you’re not able to come tomorrow, please come anyways on the 19th. I promise that I’ll make you feel “welcome”.

  14. Yikes, that’s nasty. I could not make it tonight unfortunately. 😦 (As you could tell.) But let me know what monday evening you ARE free and I will book it off in my palm JUST FOR YOU.

  15. I am definitely in! I know ONE of my girlfriends is in for sure (not the one who offered me the threesome), but one has a head injury and can’t handle lots of people so she doesn’t know, and the threesome lady didn’t give me a definite answer.

  16. I feel so special. I haven’t been going due to my “health problems”.

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