OMG, someone on the radio said something stupid!

April 12, 2007 at 11:24 am | Posted in Politics | 22 Comments

OK, I’m stealing that line from Jon Stewart. He was talking about the media reaction to the radio DJ who referred to the black members of a women’s basketball team as nappy headed hos.

This morning on The View, (yes I sometimes watch it), the ladies were discussing what happened and Rosie O’Donnel said something along the lines of “Everybody has some racism in them; that can’t be denied”.

Well … I deny it. I deny that I have even a little bit of racism in me. I’m not expecting a medal or anything; but just in case anybody cares, I don’t think that I have even a little bit of racism in me and I don’t think that I’m in denial.

So good for me.



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  1. Actually, I’m with Rosie on that one…

  2. As am I…

  3. Agreed.

  4. Do you also think that you don’t have any sexism or homophobia in you?

  5. I think this is an idea of what she meant.

  6. I’ll side with you on this.
    Lots of folks “idolize the exotic” and “segregate with language” though. It’s bloody hard to get around – English is a poor language for constructing references to people indirectly. The actively prejudiced language of political correctness is definitely not a solution in my books.

    I try to avoid prejudice myself. (I don’t always succeed… I have a prob with certain drug cultures for instance)

  7. I don’t think that analysing aspects of any culture and finding them to be harmful or unproductive is the same as prejudice.

    I think that the caste system in india is really fucked up. That doesn’t mean I am prejudiced against indian people.

    I’m not saying that I’m not prejudiced at all. Just that it’s important that people can identify social problems (in our society, and others) without being called racist.

    Yes, I rsalize this is way off topic

  8. I agree with Rosie. I do think it’s hard to see privilege when you’re part of a majority group, though. I’ve only recently started to understand how much privilege is attached to being cisgendered and straight. It was really disconcerting to realize how much I’d taken for granted.

  9. I know I have some racism in me, and I’m working on it.

  10. What does cisgendered mean?

  11. it’s one of those neat words which was sorta made up (well, I guess all words are if you go back far enough) but which is so darn useful. It’s refers to people whose gender identity matches their biological sex. Works a lot better for me than saying “normal” or “real” or even “bio” or “genetic” when talking about gender. Happy language-whore-marmot…

  12. It’s from chemistry words used to differentiate between isomers of the same molecule. An isomer has the same number of each kind of atom, but arranged differently. A “cis” molecule has the standard arrangement of atoms. A “trans” molecule has the atoms arranged in a different way from standard.

    For science geeks, explanation here.

  13. No, I don’t think that I do.

  14. Oy! I’m not going to read all that.

    Could you give me a summary?

  15. I have a problem trusting folks that use marijuana for instance. Would seem minor – but rather than taking each person at face I jump to conclusions… it’s hard.
    I particularly don’t like assuming the prejudices that have been used against me. supposedly I’m drug using, irresponsible, probably a thief and criminal, probably unsafe and likely to be trouble. Apparently I’m likely to jump anyone of another gender – or my own. Oh – and apparently after all of this I’m assumed to have money and a home. Either that or be demanding money and all kinds of entitlements. OUR society’s screwed up enough before worrying about anywhere else.


  17. Basically, if we’re part of a majority group (white, male, cisgendered, Christian, able-bodied, etc.) we have a whole bunch of privileges that we get by virtue of being born that way, and that we benefit from because of an unequal society. The idea is that by not acknowledging these privileges and challenging the inequalities that allow for them, we passively support that unequal society.

  18. I just remembered that not everyone is born whatever religion they are. Anyhow.

  19. Check out the lyrics to Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist from Avenue Q. That song perfectly encapsulates the concept

  20. I totally agree that we should acknowledge these priveleges, which I do, and that we should not passively support an unequal society, which I do not.

  21. hmmm… i see.

    i guess it’s complicated with drugs, because certain drugs do correspond with certain kinds of behaviour. and at the same time, people do whatever drugs they do for such a wid variety of reasons. hmm… very tricky

  22. (response for someone who commented, not directed anywhere though)

    As a quick tosser: the drug cultures in the lower mainland area are basically mainstream – and if one’s under a certain age and not a member of certain subcommunities, one is assumed to be a member.
    drug cultures themselves are a sign of sickness.
    Many who take marijuana are untrustworthy, unreliable, prone to paranoia and disrespect to spaces around them (as well as issues with perceived entitlement). This is a combination of the “drug culture” associated and problems due to dietary imbalance. This is not to say that ALL users of marijuana are like that – only that it’s a “visible part” of said.
    So my response is decidedly prejudiced and I’m aware of it.
    (however – it makes me violent and that’s a lot less cool. So it’s better I just dodge the whole thing)

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