Interesting Urban Legend

April 14, 2007 at 4:45 am | Posted in Interweb | 6 Comments

When I clicked on this wikipedia link (Fan Death) I thought that it was going to be about people dying at rock concerts or sporting events.

Speaking of urban legends, did you collect tabs off of pop cans when you were a kid. In my school the practice caught on because people thought that the tabs were collected by a company that “makes wheelchairs or something”.

After a couple of years people had large bags of pop can tabs which eventually went into the garbage because it turned out that nobody knew where they were supposed to go to.

Is this an urban legend? Was there a company that collected pop can tabs for some reason; and if so, why just the tabs?



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  1. The rumour I had heard is that the tabs had a higher aluminum content than the actual can, and therefore it was more economical to harvest them.

    Snopes doesn’t have anything other than this…

    Apparently Ronald MacDonald House collects them…

  2. A bunch of charities collect them. I just think it is easier for them to collect and then sell to the aluminum recyclers.

  3. I’ve got a couple lying around. Do you know the names of one of these charities?

  4. Oh that’s heartbreaking.

  5. I thought it might have had something to do with prizes. This is a different thing, but I remember collecting the rubber thing that goes under bottle caps for prizes.

  6. Don’t remember, we do a few at work but I have only been into work a few times in the last 6 month so I forget who they are. Next time I am in I will check for you if you want but that might not be til the end of May.

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