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1) What is niri‘s favorite band/artist? Herman’s Hermits
2) What word best describes _locke? lockey
3) What video game does _locke remind you of? Pacman, but only because I was already thinking of Pacman
4) What is keekapunk‘s favorite game? hide the salami
5) Where would fuckedupinpink most like to visit? nirvana
6) Does simplefulllife drink? only saki
7) What would bioentropy do differently in your shoes? doubleknot the laces
8) Is catdragon_ in a relationship? do parole officers count?
9) Is matt79 single? single as in one in a million
10) Which president would perpetual_mess be likely to idolize? Honest Abe Lincoln
11) Does van_jess smoke? she’s smokin’
12) How long have you known niri? Since she was Cleopatra and I was Mark Antony
13) Do you think sage_subdreams is hot? Well who doesn’t?
14) Would you ever date arwenoid? She might be able to talk me into it
15) Could you see cutealien and piratesparkles together? if they were in the same room I could
16) Does van_jess know iisz? I think that they met at the perverts’ festival
17) If fuckedupinpink was a superhero, who would be his/her archnemesis? long duck dong
18) Is sunlit_mists dead sexy? as sexy as a scotsman
19) Thoughts on iholdwater? all dirty I assure you
20) What would cooan give ool272 for his/her birthday? a knitted teapot cozy
21) What animal should estrellada be combined with? that type of marriage isn’t legal yet
22) Is _locke 1337? he’s more 4:20
23) What do you disagree with purplerose76 about? about whether roses are purple
24) If hundun commanded an army, who would be his/her followers? a flock of flying monkeys
25) What would guin_the_cat think of fairyfemme? that she was purrrrfect


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