Telletubbies Ho!!!

May 15, 2007 at 2:15 pm | Posted in LGBT | 4 Comments

If you haven’t heard, Jerry Falwell died today.

I’m amazed at how fast this story is moving. For example, an “anti-memorial” is being planned in San Francisco for 5:00 this afternoon, the same day he unexpectedly died.

People attending today’s speak out are asked to bring signs calling for religious acceptance of gays, and Tinky Winky dolls. The organizers of today’s event will be bringing a 3-foot high Tink Winky pinata replica of the cartoon character Falwell labeled as gay.

I can’t wait to see what Jon Stewart has to say about Falwell’s death.



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  1. The man was a horrible, crusty stain on the underwear of humanity. He was a starting point of infection. He didn’t die. He popped.

  2. Tinky Winky

    Jerry Falwell and Tinky Winky
    Posted by Michael M. Bates on May 15, 2007 – 15:29.

    The passing of the Reverend Jerry Falwell will give those who opposed him in life an opportunity to criticize him again. A glimpse of what might be expected appeared in the McClatchy Washington Bureau’s obituary today.

    Mr. Falwell, it says, “once criticized the children’s show ‘The Teletubbies’ because he thought one of the four colorful, non-human characters – Tinky Winky, the purple one with the red bag – might be gay.”

    That is inaccurate. In 1999, that Tinky Winky story did appear in a publication that the minister published, but an editor submitted it, not Jerry Falwell. Moreover, it was certainly not the first time that the character’s sexual orientation was the subject of media speculation:
    From Time magazine: “In the past five years, several movies, plays, tabloid shows and famous cross-dressers like RuPaul have moved from the fringes of gay culture to prime time. Even Teletubbies, a show for toddlers, features Tinky Winky, a boy who carries a red patent-leather purse.”

    From People magazine: “Gay men have made the purse-toting Tinky Winky a camp icon.”
    From the Washington Post: “Tinky Winky, the gay ‘Telletubby. . .’”

    As a leader of the Religious Right, Reverend Falwell will be widely excoriated over the next few days. Not much will be made of the fact his church operated a home for unwed mothers, a facility for alcoholics and drug addicts, and an AIDS hospice.

    May he rest in peace.

  3. My mother told she became a born again atheist because of him. People like Falwell & Khomeini and the rest of their ilk have given religion (and by extention, spirituality) a bad name. BTW, has anyone seen my Tinky Winky doll?

  4. I disliked Falwell a lot, but I think an anti-memorial is pretty disrespectful and insensitive…and won’t help tht counterculture movement at all, it’ll make us look like jackasses.

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