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July 27, 2007 at 10:31 pm | Posted in Interweb | Leave a comment

the evolution of a hot pop culture meme is something like this.

1. OMG, I can’t beleive nobody has ever heard of this!
2. Have you heard of this? Aren’t we cool and hip that we know about this?
3. Wow, this is awesome! I am on the crest of a huge popular movement! The world and I are one in loving this!
4. Oh yeah…. THAT. Yeah, pretty cool…. I guess.
5. Hah hah hah. That’s so last week.
6. Good lord, you’re still on about that?
7. Dad, it’s over, OK?
8. Hey, remember THIS?

quite appropriate that I’m meming it along to you, oui non?

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