Two Evil Thumbs Up

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Did you know that The Kids in The Hall were originally Dave Foley and Kevin McDonald?

From the wikipedia entry on Kids in the Hall:

Before the group formed, Bruce McCulloch and Mark McKinney were working together doing Theatresports in Calgary, performing under the name, “The Audience”. At the same time, Dave Foley and Kevin McDonald were performing around Toronto as The Kids in the Hall (KITH). In 1984, the two pairs met in Toronto, and began performing regularly as KITH, with a rotating band of members, including Paul Bellini for a short time. When Scott Thompson was invited to join in January of 1985, the group had its final form.

The name of the group came from Sid Caesar, who, if a joke didn’t go over, or played worse than expected, would attribute it to “the kids in the hall,” referring to a group of young writers hanging around the studio.

Last night I saw Foley and McDonald together in a Disney film called Sky High. The film is about a high school for young people with super powers. They learn to become either super heroes or sidekicks.

Dave Foley is All American Boy/Mr. Boy. He teaches Hero Support. Although he takes pride in educating the Hero Support of tomorrow, he always seems depressed that his greatest accomplishment is just being a sidekick

Kevin McDonald is Mr. Medulla, the Mad Science teacher, with super brainpower

I liked this film a lot. It was a good parody of both super hero stories and teen comedies while at the same time being a super hero movie and a teen comedy.

My favorite bit of dialouge involves Mr. Medulla and Boomer, the gym teacher. Boomer is trying to convince Mr. Medulla to go on a double date with him and a pair of sisters. Mr. Medulla is originally reluctant.

Boomer: What if I told you that she isn’t just her twin sister, but her evil twin sister?

Medulla: Friday night you say?

And then a super villian comes smashing through the wall.

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