Cute, Cuddly, and Dead

November 7, 2007 at 5:02 pm | Posted in Raves | 1 Comment

I’m not usually into this kind of humour, but I want to tell you about Happy Tree Friends. (The featured episode right now seems to have loading problems. You may want to skip to Other Episodes.)

Happy Tree Friends are a group of adorable woodland creatures who are regularly dismembered, disembowled, decapitated and dee … uh … don’t survive.

There is one woodland creature that will be of particular interest to some of the people on my friends list. This character is a caveman woodland creature. You can tell that he is a caveman because he has a caveman haircut, he carries a large caveman club, and most telling of all, he’s encased in a block of ice.

This character is the cro-marmot.

Even though he is immobile, he can often be seen in the background “in action”. For example, he participates in a baseball game, goes ice skating, starts a snowball fight, and even holds down a job as an ice cream vendor.

Another unusual characteristic about him is that he is one of the few characters to get through each episode unharmed. I guess his block of ice provides him with more protection than the Vancouver Island marmot, Canada’s most endangered species.

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  1. I always suspected I was invincible.

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