Screw AI; just give me robo-muscles!

November 7, 2007 at 4:52 pm | Posted in Tech Talk, Videos | 1 Comment

Below is some video of HAL(Hybrid Assistive Limb) from Cyberdine.

At first I thought that it might be a joke because of course HAL is the short name of the computer from the Space Odyssey saga and Cyberdyne was the name of the company in the Terminator series that facilitated the rise of the machines.

But the cybernetic suit seems to be a real thing. The video is mostly about the creator, but it does include some footage of the suit increasing human strength.

Previous (mostly) Youtube Videos:


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  1. Japanese?
    Very clearly the names ARE inspired from those sources 🙂

    Cool stuff! (I want one *heh*)

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