My Latest Brilliant Idea

January 3, 2008 at 7:27 am | Posted in Personal | 5 Comments

Since Facebook is so popular, I think that I’ll create a new website called Footbook.

It can have special groups like “Those who go to market”, and “Those whose who stay home”, “Roast beef enthusiasts”, etc.

If that works out I’ll expand into Assbook, Boobbook, and GenetaliaBook.



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  1. Will the last group on Footbook be one for people who like watersports?

  2. I look forward to you starting that group.

    I was thinking of all of the complaints that women make about “Adult” dating sights where men often post a picture of their penis instead of their face.

    GenetaliaBook would be a good place for those guys to show off their junk.

  3. Yeah, but I don’t think many women would go on that site to seriously find a partner!

  4. If you posted your “secret garden” I bet that there would be a few takers.

  5. Yeah, no.

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