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January 27, 2008 at 10:56 pm | Posted in Personal | 3 Comments

Today Cottontail bought a Star Wars Lego video game. I’m skeptical but she says that she’s heard good things about it.

Anybody want to recommend a video game for either Nintendo Gamecube or X-box 360? I’m not really into fighting games unless they involve a lot of strategy. I like driving games, but not Nascar stuff and nothing where you stomp bitches.



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  1. GameCube Games that I loved:
    Paper Mario : The Thousand Year Door (adventure game)
    The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (adventure game)
    Mario Party 6 (group party game)

    360 Games that I enjoy playing a lot:
    Kameo: Elements of Power (adventure game)
    Rockband (Rhythm game, group)
    Viva Pinata (resource management game)
    Guitar Hero II/III (rhythm game, solo)

    Of this list, Kameo is my highest recommendation. It is fun, with interesting gameplay, and very engaging. Paper mario is second. Actually, Rockband might be first, but it is a different sort of game than the others.

  2. Gamecube: Eternal Darkness- hard to find, but if you can, it’s awesome. Zombie and weird thing killing game with lots of puzzles and cool storylines a’la H.P Lovecraft. I normally get all cranky at games like Resident Evil, but this one was so much more easier and more intuitive. I was like, 2 levels from finishing (for the first time ever!) when the guy whose game it was broke up with me.
    Animal Crossing- It’s kind of a resource management game.

    X-Box 360: Katamari! -fun fun Japanese game where you roll stuff up as fast as you can, or try to make the biggest ball that you can.
    Guitar Hero (any)- also fun fun game which is actually pretty much exactly like it sounds.

    Thus ends my recommendation.

  3. Also, Ben and I played the Star Wars Lego game on the computer and it was pretty fun. I mean, I’m not awesome at computer/video games but I had fun playing it for the most part. There were a few parts where I got really frustrated, but overall I enjoyed seeing everything explode into little lego bits.

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