“This is ANNOYING!!”

August 2, 2008 at 6:34 am | Posted in Rants | Leave a comment

That’s something that people sometimes say when they’ve lost an argument. For example, you might suggest that using the word ‘retard’ as an insult is a cowardly thing. After about five minutes of claiming that they are actually a free speech warrior, your fellow debater may suddenly blurt out, “This is ANNOYING!!” It seems to mean, “My mind is SHUT!”

In case you’re wondering, my theory is that the word ‘gay’ used to be the coward’s insult of choice because it was assumed that a gay person would never, could never, fight back. Before that I’m sure that more than one person has said something along the lines of “My car won’t start; damn nigger car”.

But, surprise surprise, black people do fight back and so to gay people. Furthermore, quel shock, mentally retarded people have relatives and friends and advocates to speak on their behalf.

And that may be annoying, but I’d rather be annoying than be a coward.

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