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This post on Youtube is entitled “Biden Angered by Tough Questions”. I think that a better title would be “Biden Questions Whether the Reporter is Joking with Him”. The reporter has an agenda that she will not shake. Biden keeps his cool in a “all due respect” kind of way.

Here’s a picture of the Leviton AC320-W Triplex Receptacle accompanied by some delicious sarcasm that I copy’n’pasted from

It stood out for me because my current apartment has triple outlets. They’re the two prong kind though, so I have to use an adapter to plug in a power bar. I’ve never seen triple outlets before. BTW, my new living situation is working out just fine. I haven’t really gotten to know my room mates yet, but I like them. They’re easy to live with.

Sweet Queen Victoria! Why didn’t somebody think of this before?! Was there some engineering issue that had to be overcome to allow such an elegant, ingenious and obvious design? Did this require new materials that were destined for space? Did the secret lie in a spy’s briefcase lost since the end of the Cold War? I would certainly be a proud Leviton engineer if I had sketched this on my cocktail napkin!

Boing Boing also turned me onto the British animated series Monkey Dust. I can’t describe it any better than they can, but I will warn you that parts of it are rather graphic and shocking. For example, in one episode a dog is murdered.

After watching the clip that Boing Boing chose, I went to Youtube, typed in “Monkey Dust” and then just watched the clips in the order that they came up. That method provided an adequate amount of continuity.

Here’s an example clip:

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