Look, a Political Blog Post, and it’s about all three levels of government

March 3, 2009 at 7:19 pm | Posted in Politics | Leave a comment
  • “It’s Question Period, not Answer Period,”

    “B.C. Liberal government ministerial aides are under strict orders when the B.C. Legislature is in session and rule No. 1 is to not provide answers to the opposition in Question Period and spin the media, a newly released confidential government document shows.”

    Get more inside details of BC Liberal Spin Doctoring.

  • City of Vancouver to celebrate International Women’s Day, Sunday March 8th. The theme recognizes “Strong Women, Strong World”, again! This Years and last years themes are quite similar. Pieta Wooley suggests 10 Canada-specific themes. My suggestion would be “The Olympics are coming up. You want us to win gold again in Women’s Hockey? Then make with the equality already!”
  • Harper, Harper bo-barper, banana-fana fo-harper, mee-mi-mo-marper. Harper!!

    OK, I’m a couple days late with the Federal stuff, but there are two Harper Hypocracies I want to share.

    1. Harper Says Victory NOT Possible In Afghanistan! Three years ago Stephen Harper and his Conservative MP’s went after Jack Layton for arguing that the Taliban cannot be defeated by international troops and there’s no point continuing to fight an unwinnable war in Afghanistan (source Toronto Star).

      Now Harper is saying “We’re not going to win this war just by staying,” and “We are not going to ever defeat the insurgency”. Three years ago, Layton was labeled Taliban Jack, but since politician and pundits are so good about admitting when they’re wrong I’m sure that he’ll be receiving humble a big “I’m Sorry for using Bush-Era propaganda against you” wreath any day now.

      Impolitical has a good write up of the matter and some CNN video of Harper discussing Afghanistan.

    2. Ho Hum, this one isn’t nearly as interesting. Video of Harper poo poo-ing negative political advertising. And now the Conservatives are preparing to pummel key rival Michael Ignatieff with attack ads. Are you surprised? No, me neither.


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