What is Saddlebacking?

March 3, 2009 at 1:20 pm | Posted in Politics | 1 Comment

Saddlebacking refers the practice of Christian Teens engaging in anal sex in order to “save” their virginity for marriage. This practice is a common result of abstinence only sex education (medical news today). Normally sexual slang (well, all slang I suppose) develops organically over time. However, the word “Saddleback” being associated with evangelicals is the result of a deliberate effort to attach the name of the Saddleback Evengelical Christian MegaChurch to a sex act.

In part, it simply because “saddleback” sounds like something from Brokeback Mountain, but more importantly the new slang is a way to protest Rick Warren, Saddleback’s founder and Senior Pastor, vocal support given to California Prop 8. Gay Rights activists were further upset when Barack Obama invited Warren, who has chastised gays from the pulpit, to speak at his inauguration on Feb 20th.

Dan Savage arranged a poll through his weekly sex advice column Savage Love and after the results were in a sex slang was born. In previous years, Savage has arranged polls to add sexual meaning to the words pegging (a woman performing anal sex on a man using a strap-on dildo) and santorum (the frothy amber-hued mixture of lubricant and fecal matter that is sometimes the result of anal sex). Similar to saddlebacking, the term santorum was coined in response to a public figure making homophobic and bigoted statements.

And why am I telling you all this? Actually, this post started out as a recommendation for the webcomic Big Fat Whale and just kind of spun out of control. Oh well, it’s always good to learn new things.

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  1. Actually saddlebacking has a long tradition among Catholics, it’s not really anything new.

    But then, I guess the Catholic church kind of started the whole abstinance only sex education several hundred years ago eh?

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