I Think I’m In Love

March 5, 2009 at 1:49 am | Posted in Rants | 1 Comment

Someone pointed me to a couple of delicious rants in the women-seeking-men section of Craigslist.

Chemotaxis! Kinase! Ciprofloxacin! Lipopolysaccharide!

“So, here’s a little bit about me: I’m 28 and currently going to school, working on a BSc in Microbiology and Immunology. Science is my passion, and I’m a huge biology and chemistry nerd. I’m looking for…

Ah, forget it. What’s the point of describing who I am and what I’m looking for when most guys clearly don’t read what I have written? I’m so frustrated and fed-up with trying to meet someone, but unfortunately, I’m heterosexual, so I must continue the search, as becoming a Crazy Cat Lady is not an attractive option. “

Re:Chemotaxis! Kinase! Ciprofloxacin! Lipopolysaccharide!

“As a fellow woman I could not agree with you more. The men in this city lack manners and dress like they rolled out of a dumpster. Hard to tell the homeless guy from the regular Vancouver guy. A majority of men do not know how to spell let alone speak proper English. Most of them speak and act like Spicoli out of Fast Times at Ridgemont High. If I have to meet another guy for a dinner date wearing a dirty ripped hoodie and Ipod stuck in his ears I’m going to scream. I’ve done Lava, POF, bars, clubs etc they are all the same. Lots of guys too busy to return messages. Unless you are the president of the US or an astronaut you are not too busy guys. Make an effort and get off your ass. Also too many screwed up from some ex girlfriend don’t want a relationship but of course they all want to have sex with you and be bed buddies with very little effort of course. They all claim they don’t like drama or play games yet, I’ve found Vancouver men to be the worst offenders of this. Most of them date these crazy women that they always complain about who treat them like crap and then pine over them saying they could never love anyone else again. They seem to be emotionally incapable of having true intimacy (and I’m not talking sex) with women. Did they all have poor relationships with their mother or watch their fathers treat their motherss like crap? What is wrong with Vancouver men? You go to any other city i.e Toronto, Montreal, any American or european city and men talk to you appropriately, show interest, engage you in conversation etc, ask you out, ask about you etc. Here the women have to do all the work and put in all the effort. It would appear Vancouver men hate women.”

I suspect that they exaggerate, but I don’t know. I’ve never been a ‘woman seeking man’ online. I’ve been on and off of craigslist personals for the past few months. I could make a rant of two myself, but I’d rather hear yours. Tell me about your rant worthy adventures in dating. Let it out; it’s cathartic!

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  1. I skipped it all and did eharmony. Matched me up with the guy who is currently fast asleep next to me while I type this.

    I haven’t had too rough of a time dating in Vancouver. Although there is DEFINITELY a lot of that “hate drama, hate that their ex was a psycho, but can’t get over her” business. A lot of it. I haven’t lived anywhere else, but I’m sure it’s not solely relegated to Vancovuer.

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