Is It Crazay?

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Adapter for sticking fingers into electrical sockets: The

Vilcus dactyloadapter was developed specially for people who enjoy closing electrical circuits with their own fingers.”

Does it sound crazy to you that anyone would want to use such a product, because I know some people who would. From BDSM Glossary of Terms:

Using electricity in BDSM play seems a scary notion to most people, but it can easily be made safe provided two simple rules are followed: a) only use devices powered by low-voltage batteries, and certainly no main-powered appliances; and b) avoid placing any contacts above the waist (including hands or arms), as even small currents to the heart or brain can disrupt those organs’ delicate electrical activity with serious consequences. Popular devices include “TENS” units designed for the relief of muscle and back pain; and “Violet Wands” which use a radio frequency discharge, and can be used above the waist provided the face is avoided. Any form of this play can be dangerous .

Tiny Houses:, via :

Michael Jantzen of Tiny House Design has been using Google SketchUp to design a nine square foot house. The house includes a lavatory, sink, heater, bed, chair, fold-down table, and storage. The sleeping area is a loft inside the peaked roof.

Does it sound crazy to you that anyone would want to use such a tiny house? Because I would. I wouldn’t want to live in one full time, but I could see myself renting one for a week if I was traveling from out of town, or renting one for a night if I was from Surrey and had missed the last Skytrain. I think that there are lots of cases where a tiny private secure space would be practical.

This post has been brought to you by The Green-Stim 8000, another quality product from GreenWash Incorporated: we’ll stimulate real environmental change or our name isn’t GrainWish!

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