Thursday ScratchTastic Intertubuals Roundup

March 5, 2009 at 6:17 am | Posted in environment, Medical, Politics, Tech Talk | 1 Comment
  • New Pro-Medicare President for the Canadian Medical Association

    Dr Jeffrey Turnbull’s election points to what may be a major change to come in the CMA’s influential political lobbying“.

  • World Water Day

    March 22 is World Water Day, and to mark this day, Council of Canadians chapters and allies are organizing activities across the country to promote water as a public resource and a human right“.

  • E-books are suddenly everywhere

    sync: “After a few years of being a very niche product for the early-adopter, e-books and their corresponding gadgets – the e-book readers – are set to explode onto the market.“.

  • AMPS ON ELEVEN !! – um, that is if we were using amps, which we’re not.

    Spinal Tap Unplugged coming to Vancouver

  • City hall lawn gets dug up for community garden

    “By converting part of the City Hall lawn into a community garden, Vancouver is walking the talk when it comes to producing local food.” Read the rest of the Press Release over at State of Vancouver.

  • Harper is a Fauxbama

    So says Jane Taber in The Globe and Mail. Thanks to Impolitical for the tip off.

  • Federal Court Judge orders Ottawa to help Canadians facing the death penalty abroad.

    Also from Impolitical, “The Harper government acted arbitrarily here and the judge called them on it. A good day for the rule of law“.

  • Vancouver losing fight with gangs, mayor says

    From the Globe and Mail:

    “Crime agency estimates say there are more than 120 criminal organizations at work in B.C. The number and the sophistication of the groups involved makes Vancouver the centre of organized crime in Canada, Public Safety Minister Peter Van Loan said last month.”

    Also from The Globe and Mail:

    “This week, the RCMP publicly described a series of B.C. gang murders as a Canadian echo of the bloody feuds among the Mexican drug cartels, notorious for beheading their enemies and bribing corrupt local officials.

    President Felipe Calderon’s aggressive offensive against these criminal syndicates has unleashed the worst violence the country has ever seen as the cartels battle one another for turf and power. More than 6,000 people were killed in drug-related violence last year.

    Canada’s interest in the drug war also reflects, in part, intensifying U.S. concern, as the Drug Enforcement Administration steps up to assist Mexican authorities, and Washington acknowledges for the first time the U.S.’s role in the illicit transnational trade.”

This post has been sponsored by the British Columbia GreenWash Party. We’ll improve BC’s … image.


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  1. Vancouver is walking the talk when it comes to producing local food.

    Mmmmmm. Greenwash.

    Maybe they’d be better at producing local food if we didn’t allow a perfectly fertile river valley/delta to be sold off one piece at a time to land developers who would rather use it to build more sprawl than to grow food? And who is it that determines property zoning again? Oh yeah…

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