Bottled Water, Bioenergy, Enabling Technology, Anti-Coal Protests, Futuristic Artwork

March 7, 2009 at 7:10 pm | Posted in environment | 1 Comment
  • Federation of Canadian Municipalities asks members to ban bottled water:

    : The move carries no legal weight and aims simply to encourage municipalities to speak out against bottled water and avoid distributing it when possible.

  • BC Hydro announces bioenergy call, industry waits for details:

    The Tyee: BC Hydro has announced phase two of its bioenergy call for power, ten months late and with an unenthusiastic reaction from potential bidders.

  • Peptides-on-demand: Radical New Green Chemistry Makes The Impossible Possible:

    Science Daily McGill chemists giving away fast and simple “enabling technology”:

    “McGill University chemistry professor Chao-Jun (C.J.) Li is known as one of the world leading pioneers in green chemistry, an entirely new approach to the science which eschews the use of toxic, petrochemical-based solvents in favour of basic substances like water and new ways of making molecules.”

    I was tipped off to this article by The Galloping Beaver

  • Scientists map U.S. rocks that soak up CO2: from Scientific American:

    “scientists are looking to natural rock outcroppings, which they hope can be forced to absorb CO2 faster than happens naturally. One method could involve boring into rock and injecting it with hot water and pressurized carbon dioxide.

    More research needs to be done to determine whether this is feasible. But if it works, it could reduce the need for an emerging sequestration industry that aims to capture carbon dioxide from such facilities as coal-fired power plants for injection deep underground for permanent storage.”

    Read more scientific details at Science Daily.

  • Anti-Coal Day on Capitol Hill: thanks to simplefulllife for the tip-off. He and I both wish that Canadians would get this “fired up” about coal.

    The Real News: This weekend, twelve thousand students converged on Washington demanding innovative energy policy.

  • Human Nature: a visual art review

    The Stranger: Jed Dunkerley’s new paintings at Vermillion look like they’re taken from future instruction manuals for the world.

This post has been brought to you by your friends at the Greenwash Corporations: painting a greener tomorrow.

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  1. You probably should have commented on the bottled water issue for your less knowledgeable friends/readers…

    Bottled water is not cool here and in many other places in North America for two reasons:

    #1 In Vancouver especially, bottled water is essentially tap water. The reason for that is well, you know how labelling it “naturally sourced glacial spring water” with pictures of pretty snow capped mountains sells bottled water? That’s where Vancouver tap water comes from. It’s like living in Perrier, France people. Be proud of it.

    #2: Tapwater (especially in Vancouver) goes to your house by gravity. Bottled water goes to your house by truck. One of these methods of transportation is greener than the other. 😉

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