Medical News Roundup

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  • Vancouver Island man can’t access court-ordered medical treatment

    In order to access court-ordered mental health treatment, Chemainus resident Kevin Edwards “has to travel 20 km to Duncan every day but can’t afford the monthly bus pass.” Edwards is looking at possible jail time if he does not complete his program.

  • Mayor Gives Free Viagra to Mexico City Poor Elderly

    This is just the latest innovative idea from Mayor Marcelo Ebrard

    “With midterm elections looming in July, Mayor Marcelo Ebrard has been rather creative in his attempts to make life more livable for the people of this sprawling metropolis, which finds itself clogged with traffic, overwhelmed by smog, prowled by criminals and reeling from the global financial crisis.

    The mayor dumps sand at public pools to create artificial beaches. He bans cars from major roadways on Sundays and turns them into sprawling bike paths. The largest skating rink in the world, one that makes Rockefeller Center’s patch of ice look puny, went up in the Zócalo, Mexico City’s central square, for the second straight year over the Christmas holidays.
    This weekend, for Valentine’s Day, the government is sponsoring a mass kiss-in, in an attempt to break the world record and raise awareness about domestic violence.”

  • Bionic Eye Restores Sight
    The Daily Mail
    ‘I can actually sort out white socks, grey socks and black socks.’
    Thanks for the tip-off, Bitch

  • New head of CSA Providing Homeless Patients with Other People’s Unused Prescriptions
    Canadian Medicine
    Another on of Dr. Turnbull’s controversial projects, a “wet shelter” dispenses one drink per hour to homeless alcoholics to help them manage their drinking.

  • HIV/AIDS in Vancouver: A growing epidemic
    Harm Reduction Journal
    “results suggest that HIV infection is having a relatively large impact in Vancouver and that evidence-based prevention and harm reduction strategies should be expanded.”

  • Obama To Loosen Stem Cell Funding Stem Cell News – thumbs up Obama!
    The Washington Post
    “President Obama’s decision to lift restrictions on federal funding of human embryonic stem cell research, scheduled to be announced Monday, is expected to provide a major boost to one of the most promising but controversial fields of biomedical research in generations.”

  • U.S. Stand Jeopardizes Global Anti-HIV Push – thumbs down Obama!
    The Washington Independent
    “The Obama administration’s opposition to controversial drug treatment programs has helped kill a prominent global effort to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS and other diseases among drug users.”

  • Howard Dean Might be the next Surgeon General of the US

    Thank you Crooks and Liars for the tip-off.

    Who is Howard Dean? You may think that the name is familiar, but aren’t quite sure who he is.

    Howard Dean is a doctor (duh), and was also the Governor of Vermont. In 2004, he was an early front-runner in the Democratic Presidential nomination.

    However, his campaign was effectively over after the Dean Scream incident at the Iowa Caucus. In my opinion, Dean is the perfect example of how a politician can do everything right, but then lose any chance at success because of one unlucky break.

    Dean retained respect in the Democratic Party though and in February 2005 was elected chairman of the Democratic National Committee. As chairman, Dean created the “50 State Strategy”, which brought the Democrats success in the 2006 midterm elections. Barack Obama used “The 50 state strategy” as the backbone of his presidential candidacy. I think you know how that turned out.

    In conclusion, Howard Dean: one smart cookie.

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