I Wrote This Whole Post Just To Include a Picture of a Dog Licking Itself

March 9, 2009 at 10:38 am | Posted in Raves | 1 Comment

article: Pam Anderson’s Boob (yet again) and The Oscars are Stupid:

  • Pam-And’s Wardrobe Malfunction: The Huffington Post
    It was at a fashion show in France. I just can’t imagine how Pam-And’s augmented breasts qualify as news anymore. If you want to see her breasts, there is a mountain of them on the Intertubes already. She’s not exactly shy about taking off her clothes. This “news” is stupid, but I’m not going to get all twisted in knot about it. Instead I’m going to take a deep breath, sit back, and imagine a mountain of breasts.

  • Speaking of Stupid Two Former Oscars Hosts Agree “We Think It’s Stupid: also from The Huffington Post

    Stewart had nothing but nice things to say about Jackman’s performance. “I remember thinking to myself, WOW, he’s really good at this. If I had known that they wanted someone to host the Oscars that was talented, I would have suggested him years ago.”

    He went on, “The problem with having us host it, if I may, is that at some level, deep in our hearts, we think it’s stupid.”

    Read Dirt Farm comics for more high brow funnies.

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  1. But most importantly, in a country where every beach is clothing optional, and where breasts are OK on billboards, did anyone even care?

    Maybe the setting wasn’t so cool though.

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