Minimum Wage, Federal NDP, Lester Pearson, and Israel

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  • Raise the BC Minimum Wage?

    The Globe and Mail reports that the Provincial Liberals have taken the position that “now is not the time to impose hundreds of millions in new costs on small businesses through an increased minimum wage that will mean more job losses, will depress job creation and will hurt those it purports to help.” Meanwhile, The NDP would raise the minimum wage, given the chance, to $10 an hour – the amount recommended by the B.C. Federation of Labour. With a provincial election approaching, there is at least one issue on which the two major parties have taken a clear opposing stance.

  • NDP-Haters Need New Talking Points
    Buckdog blows in from the prairies to break down the arguments against the artist formerly known as Taliban Jack. Conservative and Liberal supporters better be look in the mirror before they start pointing fingers.

  • The Liberals Could Learn from Lester Pearson
    The Globe and Mail:

    “Mr. Pearson shows today’s Liberals how to reconstitute themselves and gain power. The restoration of the Liberal Party between 1958 and 1963 is Mr. Pearson’s greatest unacknowledged achievement. For all the dark predictions of last autumn, it is important to note that the Liberals were worse off after the election of 1958 – when they were reduced to 49 seats – than after the election of 2008.”

    The Canadian Cynic is quite, well, cynical about supporters of Israel:

    Shorter Israel groupies: “I don’t get it. All we do is herd them into the world’s largest concentration camp, deprive them of basic liberty and necessities, steal their arable land under the guise of security, bulldoze their olive groves, take their water, prevent the delivery of humanitarian supplies and, on a regular basis, launch savage attacks with the world’s most fearsome weaponry that slaughter countless Palestinians including women and children, and now no one wants to hang with us. What’s up with that?”

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