The Canadian Protesters Should Recite some old ‘Wayne and Shoe-ster’ Material:

March 9, 2009 at 12:28 pm | Posted in Politics | Leave a comment

Shoe hurled at Ahmadinejad in Iranian city:

“The incident in the Iranian city was an apparent imitation of a similar attack on former U.S. president George Bush in Iraq last year.”

Hurling shoes at heads of state is becoming the go-to protest move for disgruntled citizens. Last month a shoe was thrown at the Chinese Prime Minister. Maybe Stephen Harper should wear a helmet for the rest of the winter months in case somebody chucks a Timberland at him.

As well at the infamous Iraqi journalist shoe throwing of last year, in December the anti-war group Code Pink showed up at the White House. Their demonstration included throwing shoes at a Bush effigy.

You might think that now that Bush is out of office that he can put his shoe target days behind him. You might also think that there is no Canadian connection to shoe throwing.

FAIL! George Bush is coming to Calgary! Send shoes to give Bush the boot.

George Bush’s first international speech after finishing his presidency will be to the Calgary Rotary Club on March 17th, the sixth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, and the Calgary’s activist community would like to give him the welcome he deserves.

There will events throughout the week leading to Bush’s visit but for those outside Calgary we wanted to give you a chance to give him his due welcome. To that end the local activist community in Calgary is asking people from around Canada to send us your old shoes so they can be a symbol to boot Bush Out of Canada! We are hoping people will send shoes in from across the country to show solidarity.

Also, people can include notes or letters with their shoes and we will post them with the wall of shame or attach them to the shoes at the rally for people to see.

The sent in shoes will be displayed around the perimeter of the “George Bush Go Home Rally” and the conclusion of his trial. We are also going to build a shoe-cannon that will fire shoes at a picture of Bush.

The CUPW, Canadian Union of Postal Workers, Calgary Local has enthusiastically agreed to have their Calgary office as a location where shoes could be sent and stored:

Should Harper take my helmet advice? Is anyone going to actually throw a shoe at him?

“After the rally, some shoes will be sent to George Bush’s best friends and local MP’s, Stephen Harper and Jason Kenney. We will donate the remaining ones to an appropriate clothes bank.”

Aw, isn’t that nice and civil? The shoes will be sent to Harper. I hope that a line of postal workers deliver them in large sacks and dumps them out on his desk just like the letters-to-Santa scene from Miracle on 34th Street

BTW, if you don’t know who Jason Kennedy is, consider skimming We Move to Canada. The issue is American soldiers in Canada.

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