Olympic Volunteers, St. Patricks Day Parade, Electric Cars in BC, and Peter MacKay

March 10, 2009 at 9:33 am | Posted in environment, interesting (to moose), Politics | Leave a comment
  • Olympic Performance Volunteers Needed
  • St. Patricks day Parade is on March 15th
  • Vancouver Shelters Stay Open With New Funding State of Vancouver

    What’s not clear yet is whether all of the five shelters — First United, the warehouse near Great Northern Way, the two city buildings under the Granville Bridge, and part of a social housing building in Gastown — will stay open.

    So far, the shelters have been getting good reviews from the downtown business association and Vancouver police, who are reporting fewer problems with public disorder and fewer calls on mental health issues than the previous January.

  • BC Hydro Prepares for Electric Car Boom Vancouver Sun

    B.C. Sustainable Energy Association president Guy Dauncey said there is “huge pent-up demand for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles in B.C.,” and it’s essential to prepare the province’s electrical infrastructure in advance.

    “We believe that B.C. should plan for 100 per cent of the province’s cars and light trucks to be electric or plug-in hybrid electric by 2030 — and this move by BC Hydro is a critically important step in the right direction,”

  • Peter MacKay, our current Minister of Defence, might become the next NATO Secretary General

    In terms of the politics here, from MacKay’s perspective, this would be a smart move for MacKay personally. He would be leaving what can fairly be termed to be a sinking Conservative ship that is hopefully going to be put out to pasture in the next federal election. With a leadership race likely to follow. What better time for MacKay to depart and develop some leadership credentials for a future leadership run down the road.

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