Get Your Protest On: Tar Sands, Housing Strategy, and Ban Bush from Canada

March 11, 2009 at 2:30 pm | Posted in Politics | 1 Comment
  • Stopping the Gateways to the Tar Sands:

    The Tar Sands megaproject in Alberta has been described as the most environmenatlly destructive project ever built. But many people don’t know about the pivotal role proposed BC projects could have in facilitating tar sands expansion and fueling demand for tar sands oil.

    Join for a short video, presentation and discussion on the ways tar sands plans depend on proposed projects BC. The presentations will focus on the Tar Sands, the Proposed Enbridge Gateway Pipeline, and the Gateway freeway and port expansion schemes.

    When: Saturday March 28 2009 1-4pm

    Where: SFU Surrey Campus (at Surrey Central Skytrain Station) Rm. SUR 5140

    Cost: Free, Pre-registration is not required.

  • Vancouver Hunger Strike Relay Protest:

    The protest aims to raise awareness for the need for a national housing strategy—missing in Canada since 1993.

    It advocates for the One Percent Solution, which calls for one percent of federal budgets to go toward housing, to be matched by the provinces and territories, for a total of about $4 billion a year. The idea is based on University of Toronto professor David Hulchanski’s research.

  • Canada Must Bar or Prosecute George W. Bush

    The evidence against Mr. Bush goes far beyond the reasonable and probable grounds necessary to trigger Canada’s legal duties to bar his entry to Canada and, once if he crosses the border,to prosecute him under Canadian Law and International Law.

    We the undersigned citizens and / or legal residents of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to abide by it’s own laws and to live up to agreements it is has signed pertaining to War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity, and

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  1. Everything that’s happening right now has effects on our kids. Let’s protect them from becoming evil leaders. This site will be helpful. Thanks for sharing this.

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