Vancouverism, Canadian Image, Anti-Terrorism Legislation, and More Filibustering

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  • Will ‘Vancouverism‘ replace urban sprawl? The Tyee:

    Residents of urban centres are victims of suburban sprawl, even if they rarely step outside city limits, finds a report by the Canada West Foundation (CWF).

    That’s because when cities expand away from the urban core, it means more money from taxpayers and a greater impact on the environment.

    Robert Roach, director of strategic policy and research at CWF said in a press release, “Urban sprawl is neither required nor desirable.”

  • Canadians out of touch with their own global identity:

    The project named Canada’s World, was co-sponsored by the Globe and Mail, CBC and a collaboration of individuals, organizations, foundations and academic institutions. It asked 100,000 people across the country how they feel about Canada’s role as a global entity, project spokesperson Shantini James said.

    Sylvester said the goal of the research “is to develop a new vision for Canada based on who we are now as a country, not on who we were 50-years ago.”

    “Many Canadians still believe that Canada is a global peacekeeper and influential middle power, these notions are outdated and bear little resemblance to our current reality,” read a press release by Canada’s World.

    Here’s my two pennies: I feel that sometimes Canadian progress is held back by the idea that Canada is a world leader in some areas such as the environment, education, crime rate, livability, and especially health care. Of course in the Canadian perspective “world leader” means compared to the United States, not Europe. It seems that the news is slowly getting out there that Canada is actually a significant polluter per capita, and the education and health care systems need a major overhaul. Let’s take the blinders off and not practice the kind of self delusion that we accuse Americans of.

  • Conservatives want to extend police and judicial powers with controversial anti-terrorism bill:

    Last night Justice Minister Rob Nicholson gave notice the Cons will reintroduce extraordinary police and judicial powers from the Anti-Terrorism Act that would :

    1)Give police the power to make preventive arrests, without a warrant, of anyone authorities fear might commit a future terrorist attack, and

    2)Give judges the power to compel testimony at secret investigative hearings from anyone the authorities think might know something about terrorism, or risk jail.

    Alison @ Galloping Beaver wonders against whom will these powers be used, if passed? “Olympics 2010 protesters? Native activists? Some poor schmuck at a fat camp? And so soon after our honourable mention in the UN report on human rights abuses too”.

  • More Fillibustering:
    That CSI Macro that I posted yesterday (yes, I’m aware of the double sunglasses) reminded me of a particularly LOL Fillibuster Cartoon from November of 2006. Click the image to see the whole thing.

    Speaking of Fillibuster Cartoons, This week’s post references an article written by conservative pundit Charles Krauthammer in last week’s Washington Post.

    Krauthammer writes of Obama’s proposed education, environment, and healthcare reforms, as the “greatest non sequitur ever foisted upon the American people.” and continues “the causes of the collapse of the financial system does not include the absence of universal health care, let alone of computerized medical records. Nor the absence of an industry-killing cap-and-trade carbon levy. Nor the lack of college graduates.”

    Greatest Non-Sequitur? Hello? Bush – Social Security?

    So it seems that Obama is a politician after all, using a crisis to achieve non-related goals. Of course, his non-related goals don’t seem to involve starting an illegal trillion dollar war in order to upstage his father.

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