You are not your brain, Harvard scientists create ribosomes, and Dr. McNinja strikes again!

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  • Scientific American Reviews Why You Are Not Your Brain:

    Alva No, a University of California, Berkeley, philosopher and cognitive scientist, argues that after decades of concerted effort on the part of neuroscientists, psychologists and philosophers “only one proposition about how the brain makes us conscious … has emerged unchallenged: we don’t have a clue.” The reason we have been unable to explain the neural basis of consciousness, he says, is that it does not take place in the brain. Consciousness is not something that happens inside us but something we achieve it is more like dancing than it is like the digestive process. To understand consciousness the fact that we think and feel and that a world shows up for us we need to look at a larger system of which the brain is only one element. Consciousness requires the joint operation of brain, body and world. “You are not your brain. The brain, rather, is part of what you are.”

  • Harvard Scientists Create Ribosomes — Cell Protein Machinery

    Ribosomes are bodies inside of each cell that take the instructions from DNA and use them to create the proteins encoded by specific genes. Proteins are critical to forming the body’s structure, including muscles, bones and tendons, and are also critical in its daily functioning, through enzymes, for example, which control metabolism.

    The advance breaks a 40-year period with little progress in artificial ribosome creation, Church said. The last significant work in this area was done in 1968, when researchers assembled an artificial ribosome, but in an unusual chemical environment rather than an environment in which protein synthesis normally occurs, as Church and Jewett did.
    Church and Jewett expected creating the artificial ribosome and getting it to produce proteins would be the toughest steps in making an artificial cell. They were amazed, Church said, when the task was accomplished in just a year.

  • Hospital Fire Thwarted and other headlines from Canadian Medicine:

    When an elderly female patient allegedly ignited her oxygen tank’s tubing using a cigarette lighter, the unnamed hospital worker put out the fire with an extinguisher and turned off the woman’s oxygen tank, then evacuated 15 patients. He was treated for smoke inhalation, reported the Abbotsford News, but no one else was injured in the incident.

    Unnamed Hosptial Worker eh? I bet I know who it was:

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