“Black Market” protest against VPD, Western Premeires join against gangs, should Obama concern GOP

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  • Downtown Eastside women’s group to hold “black market”:

    This Sunday [March 15] from 1 to 3 p.m., Power of Women to Women, a social-justice group associated with the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre, will host a “black market” outside the Vancouver police station on Main Street, between Hastings and Cordova.

    The afternoon of “illegal vending” is being organized by Power of Women to Women in order to protest the increase in ticketing in the neighbourhood, as well as to commemorate the International Day Against Police Brutality.

  • BC, AB, SK premiers unite to combat gang violence:

    the three governments have informally agreed to unite behind demands for a package of amendments.

    The first calls for the elimination of the “two-for-one” provision under which time spent in pretrial custody is doubled and applied against an offender’s sentence.

    Another seeks to update wiretap provisions, some dating back 35 years, that don’t allow police to keep on top of emerging technology.

    The provinces are also expected to agree on a call to reduce paperwork that can delay trials. They want defence lawyers to have to justify the disclosure of material as relevant to the case at hand.

  • In the wake of Alabama Killing Spree, how does the American meadia handle the issue of Gun Control? Answer: they don’t

    Two extraordinary killing sprees were in the news this week, one in Alabama and one in Germany. But when covering the U.S. massacre, the press won’t mention gun control. Literally. A search of Nexis uncovered almost no references to “gun control” in any print or television reports about the Alabama shooting rampage, which was powered by military-style assault weapons, and which left 11 people dead.

  • President Obama is in a Tight Spot, or is he? Several American Bloggers say NO (also duh):

    According to the New York Times, President Obama is in a tough spot over whether to provide health insurance benefits to same-sex partners of federal court employees in San Fransisco.

    Now, Mr. Obama is in a tough spot. If he supports the personnel office on denying benefits to the San Francisco court employees, he risks agitating liberal groups that helped him win election. If he supports the judges and challenges the marriage act, he risks alienating Republicans with whom he is seeking to work on economic, health care and numerous other matters.


    • Dan Davage @ The Stranger:

      And, gee, if the Republicans in Congress have demonstrated anything over the last few months, why, it’s their willingness to work with Obama—particularly on the economy. What a shame it would be if Obama suddenly moved on gay rights, alienated the GOP, and brought a screeching halt to the bipartisan bonhomie that has characterized his first 50-odd days in office. Jesus.

    • John Aravosis @ Ameriblog:

      As for the NYT offering the straw man that if Obama helps gays achieve their civil rights, it will tick off Republicans who won’t help him with the rest of his agenda. Here’s a news flash. Republicans aren’t helping Obama with his agenda one iota. In fact, they’re voting en masse against it. The fact that Obama were to refuse to help gay and lesbian Americans achieve the same civil rights granted to his generation just decades ago would not somehow inspire Republicans to somehow vote for his agenda. It’s not going to happen. Ever. And the sooner Democrats get over this romantic notion of “If we just play nice with the Republicans, they’ll stop being mean to us,” the sooner we can move on and fix this country.

    • Barbara Morrill @ Daily Kos:”So let me get this … ahem … straight: if the President honors his campaign pledge to “fight hard” for gay rights, he will alienate Republicans? And what would that look like? My guess is, exactly like the past 52 days.”
    • Andrew Sullivan @ The Daily Dish:”So the moderate position on gay couples is no rights at all? If you want to know why Bauer has lost every real battle in this fight, those ugly, callous words will give you a clue.”
    • Susie Madrak @ Crooks and Liars:”So far, Obama seems to be more interested in keeping Blue Dogs and Republicans happy, and my guess is, that won’t change – especially on this hot-button issue. Here’s hoping I’m wrong!”

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