Alan-a-Dale, Dog Duck, Dueling Obama Cafes, Petty Crime Sherlock, Toy Seal Beaten by Bus Driver, and Freaky Printer Jam Video

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Alan-a-Dale from Disney's Robin Hood
Hey, remember the Rooster from Disney’s Robin Hood? I love that film. This page loops a bit of the song whistled and sung by Alan-a-Dale, in this film voiced by Roger Miller. You might think that would be annoying, but I had it on in the background today for aboot an hour and it was delightful. Of course now it’s stuck in my head, but that’s OK. It’s a cheerful tune to blog to.

    Meet the Duck that Thinks it’s a Dog

    Duelling “Obama” cafes set up on the same block in Toronto:

    Aspiring Sherlock Holmes Cloaked in Anomynity:

    Bus Driver suspended after Bizzarely Beating Seal Prop at Anti-Seal Hunt Protest

    The driver was behind the wheel of his bus when he spotted the protest.

    “He exited the bus and went over to the area where the protesters were, and began beating on the stuffed animal seal that was on the ground there,” said Staff Sgt. Don Fox of the Halifax Regional Police.

    The driver used a stick to beat the stuffed toy.

    Fox said police officers removed the driver from the protest area and contacted his supervisors. The driver then got back on his bus and continued with his workday, according to police.

    Bridget Curran, who was speaking at the anti-sealing protest when the bus driver approached, says her group felt intimidated and threatened.

    “He did actually charge at a group of peaceful demonstrators holding a weapon in his hand,” said Curran, who wants the police to lay charges against the driver.

    By not pressing charges, Curran said people could perceive that it’s permissible to charge at demonstrators if they don’t like their message.

A music video for Mistabishi’s “Printer Jam,” directed by Tin Spider. Album released under label Hospital Records.

This video is the opposite of the Rooster gif. It kind of freaked me out, but in a good way. I don’t know if I’d be interested in having this somg on my playlist, but I’m glad that I saw the video.

Thanks for the tip-off Scene 360

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