Anti-Malaria ‘Laser’ Gun, and Getting Fired By Your Doctor

March 21, 2009 at 2:38 pm | Posted in LOL, Medical | 1 Comment
  • Star Wars Scientists invent “Lasers” for Mosquitoes:

    No, that doesn’t mean that mosquitoes will be equipped with lasers (on their frickin’ heads!). It means that lasers are being developed to kill mosquitoes to hinder the spread of malaria. That might seem like overkill, but the idea is to kill many in a short time.

    The laser, which has been dubbed a “weapon of mosquito destruction” fires at mosquitoes once it detects the audio frequency created by the beating of its wings.

    The laser beam then destroys the mosquito, burning it on the spot.

    Developed by some of the astrophysicists involved in what was known as the “Star Wars” anti-missile programs during the Cold War, the project is meant to prevent the spread of malaria.

    Lead scientist on the project, Dr. Jordin Kare, told CNN that the laser would be able to sweep an area and “toast millions of mosquitoes in a few minutes.”

    Malaria is a life-threatening disease caused by parasites that are transmitted to people from the bites of female mosquitoes.

  • Can Canadian Doctors Fire their Patients?

    When I first read that headline I had a moment of dyslexia and thought, of course Canadians patients can fire their doctors; why wouldn’t they be able to do? But this story is actually aboot overworked doctors ditching thier patients.

    It’s not easy. Doctors have to avoid violating ethics guidelines, regulatory policies and even human rights laws. But if a doctor is inundated with patients, then firing patients is permitted.

    Several cases have already come up in which doctors have fired hundreds of patients en masse, using a lottery to determine which ones get cut and which ones get care. That’s not the most ethical way of doing things, experts say, but with family doctors under perpetual pressure to accept more and more and more patients, this sort of situation is not likely to disappear.

    Yikes! it’s hard enough to find a GP as is. What if we run oot of doctors? Then what?

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  1. it is funny

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