Biological UBC Woman shortlisted for Space Program, and Japanese Robo-Woman shortlisted for my Bedroom

March 21, 2009 at 11:55 am | Posted in Videos | 3 Comments

UBC researcher shortlisted for trip to space:
Allyson Hindle (on the right) has been shortlisted for the Canadian Space Agency’s National Astronaut Recruitment Campaign.

Hindle has worked since 2008 in a joint research program on the magnitude of the population decline of Steller sea lions. The program is a partnership between the Vancouver Aquarium and UBC’s Marine Mammal Research Unit, according to a Vancouver Aquariumnews release.

Hindle is studying the diving behaviour of Steller sea lions at the Open Water Research Station near Port Moody and her expertise in the physiology of animals living in extreme environments may inform the study of the physiology of space travel.

Men Rejoice!! Robot Girlfriends are just around the corner. Soon! Soon my brothers, we will not need biological women at all. The day of freedom is nigh! Freedom! FREEDOM!!!!!

More info at Pink Tentacle

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  1. How can I contact the manufacturer of HRP-4C? I want to ask them to hire me to test her out. So many sick and funny possibilities have occurred to me on what I could do with her. Will share them, just for fun, if you like – R

  2. how about this fembot used to train dentists called Simroid

    • Wow! The next step is a robot specifically designed to “play doctor” with

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