Fox Insults Canadian Forces in Afghanistan – What EVAR !

March 22, 2009 at 8:26 pm | Posted in Politics | 2 Comments

On Friday, Four Canadian soldiers were killed and eight others wounded in two separate roadside bomb blasts outside Kandahar City bringing the total to 116 Canadians who have died in the Afghanistan conflict.

On the very same day, Fox News’ “edgy” late-night news chat show Red Eye attempt to be hilarious at the expense of the Canadian military effort in Afghanistan:

Moose’s Reaction? You fargon sneaky bastage. I’m gonna take your dwork. I’m gonna nail it to the wall. I’m gonna crush your boils in a meat grinder. I gonna cut off your arms. I’m gonna shove um up your icehole. Dirty som-on-a-batches …. ah, I’m lying. I don’t give a shit (but name the movie that quote is from and win one million hypothetical dollars).

Some people are upset:

But most of the Great Northern Blogosphere has responded with a passionate ‘whatevar, eh’. Reactions focus on the oxymoronic nature of Conservative Humour:

  • Red Tory:

    Fox News: Where Comedy Goes To Die

    Although inexplicably described by some as “humorous” (or even more puzzlingly as “satirical”), Fox News’ “edgy” late-night news chat show Red Eye suffers from a major flaw this regard — it’s painfully unfunny. For those unfamiliar with the program, essentially it consists of host Greg Gutfeld (a former editor of men’s health and fitness magazines) together with a roundtable of pop-culture savvy conservative nonentities that sit around making fun of those wussy liberals. Really… that’s usually about the full extent of this dismally mirthless enterprise.

  • A Creative Revolution:

    Faux humour.

    Conservatives just cannot be funny.

    They don’t have that irony thing in their heads. Subtly is also not a strong point. Good humour, should be sharp and cutting. Faux humour? My Granny used to have a rude saying about dull knives.

    Do you recall the Faux newz attempt at a comedy show? The Half hour News Hour?

    “Sometimes the humor is so heavy-handed that it seems almost like self-parody”. New York Times

    “As for Surnow, in a sense, he’s added a program to his resume that neatly dovetails with ’24’ — demonstrating that stiff, uninspired comedy isn’t exactly torture; it’s just not much fun”. Variety

    You see? Heavy handed, uninspired….crap.
    The material they use takes on a childish, cruel slant. A child taunting on a school yard comes to mind:
    “OH YA! WELL YOU ARE A POOPYHEAD!!” And all their little friends laugh and titter at the use of the word “poopy”. To them that is cutting edge baybay!

And as for Moose? What did I feel after watching the video? I haven’t watched the video. I honestly don’t give a beaver crap what anyone on Fox News has to say about anything. After the last eight years, I can’t imagine why anyone would. It’s the Canadian reaction which interests me, the much-wittier-than-anything-Fox-News-will-ever-do reaction.

That’s showin’ em Canada.

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  1. i really struggled with whether or not to post this on our site, but finally decided it was worth it just to see if i could encourage our bloggers and readers to post their insights on how to interpret the landslide of online reaction to this. over 15,000 comments on youtube!!! this is the kind of outpouring of concern over our role in the world that we’re constantly trying to inspire. is it only possible when an organization like fox news comes along with something so deeply offensive?

    • I think the reaction to the video is what makes it a legitimate news story

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