Pink Animals, Robo-croc, Cops Called about Unattended Child, and Rare 9/11 Scenes

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  • Pink Dolphin and Elephant:

    A bubblegum pink dolphin has been swimming around of the Internet recently. It’s not new. It was first spotted in a Louisiana lake in 2007, but only recently became an Internet sensation.

    So wouldn’t you know it, a baby pink elephant has to come along to steal Bubblegum’s 15 Minutes of Fame. Isn’t that always the way. It’s not enough for the pink elephants to get all psychedelic Disney on me when I’m drinking. Now they get all look-at-me, look-at-me when I’m sober too.

    Don’t worry Bubblegum, I still heart you.

  • We Can Rebuild Him; We Have the Technology:

    Actually, the technology wasn’t all that advanced. Clickety Click to see the cool pictures.

    A 10-foot crocodile is recuperating in a Florida zoo after undergoing reconstructive surgery. The ground breaking four-hour operation took place at Miami’s Metrozoo facility yesterday. The giant male predator, affectionately named Robo-Croc following the operation, had been close to death after having its head crushed by a car in the Florida Keys last year.

    With its snout hanging limp, the distressed animal has not eaten for three months. Fearing the worst vets at the zoo had almost given up hope of saving the crocodile before Douglas Mader, of the Marathon Veterinary Hospital, gave him a final chance – by reconstructing the reptile’s dry, textured face. Robo-Croc’had two metal rods placed between its eyes extending down to the bridge of its nose, and another on each side. Forty-one metal screws were drilled into its hide, keeping the skull and snout together.

  • From Kid walks to soccer practice; neighbourhood flips out:

    From the Free Range Kids blog, the story of Lori from a small town in Mississippi, who sent her 10-year-old on foot to soccer practice, only to have him picked up by the cops, who reported “hundreds” of 911 calls by curtain-twitchers who were horrified at the thought of a 10-year-old walking a third of a mile to a local school. The cops told her she could be charged with child endangerment! After she complained to the cops, the local police chief called her to apologize and to reassure her that she lived in a safe neighborhood. The moral of the story: stand your ground when crazy people tell you that your kid needs to be swaddled in bubblewrap until she’s 22.

  • Rare 9/11 Scenes:

    I thought that I had seen every picture of New York during the 911 attacks that existed, but David Friend, a Vanity Fair editor exposed me to twelve more. Some of them remained unpublished for years because they looked to artistic, or even tranquil.

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