Homer Clock, Robo Carp, BC Street View, Gmail Unsend, and Awesome Keyboards

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Homer Simpson Clock:

Everyone’s favourite cartoon drunkard, Homer Simpson, enjoys a bit of clock watching too. There’s nothing he likes better than a nice cool Duff beer at Moe’s Bar after work. Why not let Homer do the clock watching for both of you?

The Homer Simpson Rotating Eyes Wall Clock is a brilliant novelty wall clock for fans of The Simpsons, and for fans of beer! You will notice a small bottle of Duff beer attached to the end of the seconds hand – as this tantalising treat ticks round, Homer’s eyes follow it’s every movement!

Robotic Carp Unleashed Into the Sea to Sniff Out Pollution:

How would you like to find one of these on the end of your fishing line?

Created by engineers at the University of Essex, they measure about 8 feet long, can swim at roughly 2.5kph and feature real fish-like undulating action. Each fish has its own navigation system, so they can swim around the port without human control. When their batteries are running low, they return to dock at the charging station.

That’s so cute! They swim back home when they’re hungry. “Robo Carp hungry master; please feed Robo Carp”.

B.C. company launches Google-like street view on its website:

Gmail Lets you Unsend Messages:

After enabling the feature, Undo Send works much like Gmail’s other “undo” features. When you send an email, you get a message confirming it has been sent, along with a link to “Undo.” This message lasts for 5 seconds, at which point you lose the opportunity to take it back.

While that might not be much time, it’s probably enough to pull back emails where you forget an attachment, forget to cc someone, or catch an obvious typo. As for emails you later wish you hadn’t sent because of the content, Gmail still can’t help you there.

14 cool keyboards reviewed by Walyou:
Moose Want.
Moose Want. Moose Want.
Somebody get for Moose!

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