The RCMP Inquiry and the East Coast Seal Hunt

March 25, 2009 at 12:57 pm | Posted in Politics | Leave a comment

Robert Dziekanski Death Inquiry, RCMP Commissioner William Elliott says “Walk a Mile in my Shoes”:

However, Ian Mulgrew @ The Vancouver Sun isn’t having any of that:

Contrary to what the head Mountie suggested Sunday in Kandahar, no one is making “knee-jerk” criticisms of police conduct in the Tasering of the 41-year-old Polish immigrant that ended with his death.

Canadians are losing faith in the force because evidence at the public inquiry continues to expose the four Mounties involved in this tragedy to be woefully trained, semi-competent officers or bald-faced liars.

Boris @ Galloping Beaver is similarly unimpressed with the Mounties lack of first aid training that may have saved Dziekanski’s life:

How many [radio edit] times a year do these walking sociopaths have to qualify with their firearms? How many times must they qualify in first aid? I’d bet Mr. Robinson has more than enough range time.

And of course Canadian Cynic is, well you know…

Fairness? How’s this for fair… four big, heavily armed officers of the nation’s “elite” police force killed a frightened, exhausted man with an unnecessary use of force. They stood about and watched him die with no attempt to render assistance. They promptly lied through their teeth on official reports. The force then attempted to intimidate witnesses and suppress evidence in an effort to cover up the incident thus showing the national police force to be corrupted from the top down. And now, after all of the outrage and perfidy, the commissioner who is supposed to be investigating the incident is asking people to be fair. [Fuddle-duddle] you Mr. Elliott, how’s about you take a little stroll in the shoes that Mr. Dziekanski used to wear before his life was taken by the lying thugs for whom you wield the whitewash.

East Coast Seal Hunt is underway:

Last week Vladimir Putin banned the killing of baby harp seals under a year old in Russian waters, calling it “bloody industry” that “should have been banned a long time ago.”

Awww, looks like old Iron Vlad has a soft spot for cute little furries. But that’s just it isn’t it. Young seals are cute; that’s why killing them is a “bloody industry”. You know what else is a “bloody industry”? Pretty much everything that puts meat on your table. If young seals looked like young walruses, nobody would give a crap about them.

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