All Aboot teh Animals

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Cat Cleans Fennec Fox:

Parrot awarded Denver Red Cross’s Animal Lifesaver Award for Saving Baby:

Borrow A Cat’s Affection At Japan’s Cat Cafés:

Belfast zoo is looking for a mystery woman who took one of their elephants home during WWII to protect it from German bombs:

Monkey kills abusive owner:

Komodo dragons kill Indonesian fisherman:

Giant Rabbits:

Kangaroos escape from zoo in France:

Canadian Goose shrugs off arrow lodged in back:

Speaking of Geese…

Geese should be shot, fed to the poor, says senator:

I don’t know aboot feeding them to the poor. I certainly wouldn’t eat one. But for a long time I’ve felt that if that goose didn’t have the word in it’s name, that there is no way that it would be illegal to shoot them. They really are just big crotchety poop machines.

Ms. Ruth isn’t the first to call for a Canada geese cull.

In 1997, a report commissioned by a multi-municipality committee in the Toronto area said culling geese and donating the meat to local banks may be the answer to the growing problem of the mess on beaches and in parks.

In an interview, Ms. Ruth later said her proposal for cottage country would work for Toronto as well.

“It’s downtown Toronto, too, where I also have a home . . . Why don’t we kill them and feed them to the poor in Toronto? There’s always been this discussion. We cull other animals. Why would we not cull the goose, especially when we have more and more people using food banks?”

Ms. Ruth said the reaction of her colleagues earlier Tuesday speaks to a recognition that something must be done.

“The amount of laughter you heard in committee, I’m not the only one who has this problem with swimmer’s itch.”

Bear Scratching Back + Stipper Music = Pole Dancing Bear:

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